Top 10 Most Played FUT Cards In FIFA 21

FIFA FUT Beste Spieler
Who was on the field in most of the FUT games? | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

FIFA 21 is slowly but surely coming to an end. So it's time to draw our conclusions: Which FUT cards were the most popular this year? See how many you can guess – because here we're going to show you the most played players in FUT 21.

FUT is about: fame, honor, pride – and not destroying your controllers. Oh yes, and of course about having the best possible team. The hunt for the best players at the best price is seemingly limitless.

While EA is pumping some last excitement out of the game by throwing SBC and FUTTIE cards at us that make a normal team with gold players seem ridiculous, the main season in FIFA 21 is slowly coming to an end. If you're still getting outclassed in the Weekend League, you've run out of excuses and time. Just sit back and wait for FIFA 22, and join us on a nostalgic look back on the year.

FIFA 21: The Best Cards In Ultimate Team

The following cards are not the best in terms of overall strength. But it's the cards that ran into most of the Ultimate Teams in FIFA 21. You probably had one or the other player in this top 10 in your ranks. At least at some point in the season.

Listed are the stars who appeared in most FUT games, that is, who were most frequently used. The numbers come from FUTBIN. First of all: They are all standard gold cards. Sure, because the special cards came later, were harder to draw or generally too expensive for a long time to see millions of them in lots.

10: Mohammed Salah

The Egyptian scored 31 times across all competitions for the Reds in 2020/21. In FIFA, too, he is amazing.

Salah has collected a total of 44.4 million virtual stakes in FIFA 21 and ranks 10th of all players.

9: Sadio Mané

Salah's wing partner also has a 90 in the game. Both have pretty much identical values, so you have to take a closer look here to see why Mané was picked more often than Salah.

The decisive factor is the Senegalese's small speed advantage and the fact that he has a ★★★★ weak foot and not three. He was represented on the field of FUT almost 47 million times.

8: Paul Pogba

Yeah, this is obvious, Pogba shouldn't be missing. ★★★★★ Skills and ★★★★ weak foot make him a more than solid option in your midfield. As an all-rounder, he's one of the most flexible players to use.

He has 48.5 million games under his belt. Let's see if he'll be equally popular in FIFA 22.

7: Kyle Walker

He's in shape and easily made it into the top 50, but his gold card puts him in the absolute top tier of most played players. Understandable, given that Walker's speed will make any attacker desperate.

The Walker gold card is not an option for the offensive though, because of his poor finishing, but his perseverance makes him a long-runner on the outside. He's played 48.7 million games.

6: Marcus Rashford

Listing a header as a weakness seems almost unfair, you don't need it anyway. Otherwise, the attacker is simply fantastic in all values, whoever did not have the coins for Neymar was definitely happy with Rashford.

Sure, his pace isn't everything - but it's a lot. That's exactly why he stood out at the beginning of FUT 21. The Englishman saw action in almost 53 million matches

5: Ferland Mendy

Together with a certain other compatriot and club colleague (no spoilers), he formed one of the most popular forces in FIFA this season.

Similar to Walker, his speed is impressive, and his tackling is strong. Mendy has been in about 64 million games - unbelievable.

4: Kylian Mbappé

Only 4th place? One would like to ask. Yes, it probably had something to do with the price, but anyone who could afford him went for him. Needless to say, you won every sprint with the standard card.

With 65.5 million games, he just misses out on the top 3. We're excited to see how expensive he gets in FIFA 22. According to a leak, he comes with 92 OVR – ain't nobody got coins for that.

3: N'Golo Kanté

At the end of the day, this guy was rated on another level with 99 FUTTIES. If you want to score goals with him, his gold was absolutely useless. But that's probably not why you got him on the team.

Kanté won every duel and, thanks to 70 million games, has rightly bagged the bronze medal among the most played players in FUT 21.

2: Neymar

The dribbling king is just ahead of Kanté. But he is also simply a phenomenon when it comes to speed, finishing, standards, ball control, and weak foot. Do you know how he sometimes just stays on the ball even though he's been tackled? Yeah, he's that good in FIFA too.

Perhaps his weak point is that you can't have two Neymars. No, seriously, whoever had him at the beginning simply tore apart teams of beginners. Neymar had around 71 million matches on the field.

1: Raphael Varane

Well, who else? He's the best gold defender in FIFA 21. Done, that's all you need to know. If you've never had him, get him in October.

The guy didn't really have any weaknesses. Now, FIFA 22 wants to make positional play much more important for central defenders, so let's see if Varane is still as stable then. But with 88 million matches in FIFA 21, he has won the crown by a clear margin. Congratulation Varane!

FIFA 22 meistegespielte Spieler in FUT
These are the most played players in FUT 21. | © EA Sports

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