The Best Strong and Perfect Links in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 strong links
The best strong and perfect links in FIFA 22 | © Reddit

Are you already in the process of building your teams for FIFA 22? Then you're definitely looking for good links so that you not only increase the chemistry, but also set up cool and playable players. That's exactly what we're going to show you in this article, so let's take a look!

We have already shown you really nice starter teams, but often times, you are simply looking for very good, individual links in defense, midfield or attack. That's why we picked out the very best strong and perfect links for FIFA 22.

By the way, we have something for every price category and position.

OP Strong and Perfect Links in FIFA 22

So let's start with great strong links. We have always moved in different price categories.

Wolfsburg Lacroix FUT
Here you not only have full chemistry, but also full quality. | © FUTBIN

The three players will cost you 50k. With Lacroix and Roussilion, the perfect link is extremely nice, so you don't necessarily need Casteels. However, we have included the Belgian as an alternative if you prefer to set links to, e.g. Davies. Speaking of Davies:

Bayern OP Strong Links FIFA 22
EA, can we pull the three in one pack, please?| © FUTBIN

We're staying in the Bundesliga, but we're now at around 120k. As a complement, Lacroix is also perfect with Upamecano. As a goalkeeper, you can then take Maignan (who is inexpensive and really good). What we can say about the three players here: world-class. Everyone has pace, and in addition, they have exactly the stats they need in the respective position. A dream for every FIFA player.

Malen Bellingham
Both have incredible stats. | © FUTBIN

A real first-class combination can be found at BVB. We are excited to see how Malen will perform in Dortmund. Bellingham caused a sensation in the first few games. In FIFA 22, the two are a nice alternative to the other starter teams. That's why we recommend that you only pay the 6k for both of them!

Juventus Turin OP Strong Links
One of the best links in terms of the price and the performance. | © FUTBIN

This duo only costs 30k! Cuadrado and Chiesa have really nice stats, both cost about 15k. Every starter player's heart rises at this strong link.

PSG Strong Links
A world class triangle. | © FUTBIN

We don't have to say much about the triangle. Although, something about the price, maybe. If you really want to know ... 1.7 million coins! But if you're not in the mood for Mbappé – if you don't have the coins for him – choose Wijnaldum. Then you'll also get a really nice triangle. Hakimi and Marquinhos are meta in FIFA 22.

AC Mailand Dreieck
What a sick triangle! | © FUTBIN

100k for one of the best triangles in FIFA 22. All Milan players have great stats, all are affordable and just perfect for any team at this point in time. Kessie is everywhere in midfield, Hernandez is one of the best LB in the game, Tomori is a great central defender. So: Go on a shopping tour!

Spain Strong Link FIFA 22
Inaki Williams is a living FIFA legend! | © FUTBIN

Looking for a cheap striker duo? Looking for a good striker duo? Then you've found the right place. We trust the two Spaniards to sweeten your first Weekend League.

Ronaldo Fernandes FIFA 22
The sickest perfect link in FIFA 22. | © FUTBIN

1.7 million coins left? Maybe if you are a Pay-to-Win-player. Then you should definitely not forget this perfect link.

Did you find the perfect duo/trio? If not, don't worry, we'll update this article in our FIFA 22 section regularly. There should be something for everyone here, though. Therefore: Buy one of these players and win against all your opponents!

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