The Best Starter Teams for FIFA 22

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The best Starter Teams for FUT | © Sebastan via YouTube

The ratings for FIFA 22 are out, and we're taking a first look at the best starter teams. Is there anything better than building your first starter team at the beginning of FIFA? We will help you in this article, and show you which team will bring you to an outstanding Weekend League rank!

After we have shown you the most blatant ratings of the clubs, leagues and in general, it's time for the starter teams. Finally. If you think "I'm not there just yet!", don't worry, we are prepared for that. In our FUT Beginners and Advanced Guide, we show you the most important steps to get off to a perfect start in FIFA 22. But for now, let's have a look at the best starter teams for FIFA 22!

The Best Starter Teams in FIFA 22

With the first team, we are in a lower price category, so most of you are only just beginning. That's okay, because you can get a lot of good players with only 50k. So let's take a look at the team:

FIFA 22 starter team OP
This is a solid starter team. | © via Twitter AndiyFifa

Who do we have here? The goalkeeper is not exceptional, simply look for an 80+ rating, and Gollini fits here quite well. The back four are Schulz with 86 pace, Akanji and Romero with good stats and Emerson, although non-rare, but also with a lot of pace on the right. Bellingham stabilizes the midfield together with De Paul and Cunha is perfect for CAM. In the front, we have Lemar, Rodrygo and Correa (probably the most expensive player), who is responsible for the goals.

Are there alternatives in this team? Sure, Lacroix and Roussilion together with Arnold, for example. Lacroix reportedly has 88 pace (!), which would make him indispensable. You can also just look at LaLiga in the front, there are still a few options. This starter team is really solid for your first Weekend League.

Best Starter Teams Lacroix St Juste
The defense in damn strong, what a starter team! | © FUTBIN

This team our favorite one, it costs 130k in total. The defense cannot be better for the beginning, so it's perfect if you buy these 4 OP players. Only on the goalkeeper position you have a few alternatives. Saving money is the order of the day in central midfield. Sissoko and Ndombele cost almost nothing and complement each other great. Of course you need pace on the wings, Diaby and Bailey both have that, and they're inexpensive too.

The two strikers consisting of Malen and Martial are a dream for every FIFA player (at least in this price category). The Dutchman and the Frenchman not only have pace and 4 star skills, but are also damn strong in front of the goal. So if you don't have enough coins yet, go to the web app and start trading!

FIFA 22 Starter Team Premier League
The Premier League is the most popular league. | © FUTBIN

In terms of price, we're at around 150k because the Premier League is always very expensive. So why did we choose a Premier League team? The PL players are just that good and are really fun to play. Every year, you see a lot of Premier League starter teams. The FIFA community just loves this league.

Rüdiger and Mendy are definitely important here. There are also alternatives to LB and RB, Regulión for example. The definition of starter wings is Pulisic and James, obviously. The same applies for Rodrigo as a striker, who was already one of the best starter players in FIFA 21. Saúl and Kovacic are two of the many options in the center.

Of course, we will update this article regularly, especially when we are getting closer to October 1st when FIFA 22 comes out. So be sure to keep an eye on the article, but also our FIFA 22 section.

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