The La Liga Top Team in FIFA 22

FIFA 22 La Liga Ratings Real Madrid
David Alaba is part of the best team of La Liga! | © EA Sports

Finally! EA releases the top ratings of each league! We provide you with all the official ratings in FIFA 22. Now it's the turn of the best La Liga team in FIFA 22! Who are the best players in La Liga? Let's find out!

We already know the ratings of Atletico Madrid and Real Madrid, but what about the struggling FC Barcelona? Without superstar Lionel Messi, the former football giant has to find its true identity again... Nevertheless, the Catalan club can still rely on some top performers. But who will make it into the best La Liga team in FIFA 22? We have the answer!

The best La Liga-Team in FIFA 22

Well, we should have expected that. The same procedure as every year! Only three different teams in the line-up. Atletico, Barca, Real – what were we even dreaming of? Anyway, there are some new faces among them. The newcomers David Alaba and Sergio Agüero make it into the starting XI straight away. But we are no longer teasing you, here you can take a look at the spanish Dream Team:

La Liga FIFA 22
Yep. The big three. | © EA Sports

The midfield is of course dominated by Real Madrid. Toni Kroos, Luka Modric and Casemiro have been a fantastic midfield for years, probably the best in the last five seasons. The offence lost some of its glory. Sure – Agüero, Benzema and Suarez are nice strikers with outstanding ratings... But who plays with three grandpas in their line-up? The only acceptable grandpa – called the GOAT – is missing from this line-up. La Liga didn't just lose Lionel Messi. They lost everything.

The goalkeeper is no suprise. Jan Oblak was responsible for Atletico's rise in recent years and deserves to be the best goalie in FIFA 22. In the row in front of Oblak you look out desperatley for Sergio Ramos and Raphael Varane. Both Real veterans have decided to leave Los Blancos. You can find out here, if they get an OTW card in FIFA 22! Anyway, David Alaba will not be able to make these two lads forgotten.

We have to admit: We are disappointed. Sure, we knew which players would miss in the line up... But in the end we didn't expect it to become reality. The Top Team of the Premier league is definitely stronger! What do you think about it?

A few more ratings will certainly be published in the coming days. So be sure to keep an eye on our FIFA 22 section to stay up to date.

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