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The best Bundesliga players in one team.

Finally! EA releases the top ratings of each league! We provide you with all the official ratings in FIFA 22. Now it's the turn of the best Bundesliga team in FIFA 22! Who are the best players in Bundesliga? Let's find out!

We already have the ratings for Borussia Dortmund, but we are still missing FC Bayern. But now we got the most important players in the Bundesliga from EA. Finally. Lewandowski and Haaland are in there for sure, who else? Are we only expecting BVB and Bayern players again? We'll show you!

The best Bundesliga Team in FIFA 22

We expected it. Only three teams are in the line-up. Bayern, Dortmund, Gladbach. Nevertheless, there are a few new faces among them. Perhaps not everyone would have expected Ginter and Guerreiro. Sure, the Bundesliga doesn't have a great right-back despite Mbabu. But as you know, he's only very strong in-game. So take a look:

Bundesliga bestes Team
Müller and Kimmich have strong stats but won't be good in FIFA 22. | © EA Sports

We were expecting Davies and Hummels, especially the Canadian is one of the best left-backs in FIFA 22. The fact that we don't have a Bayern player in central defense unusual. So there we have Hummels and Ginter. Ginter with 62 pace, Hummels with 56. That should be the best central defense in Bundesliga? Calm down, it's all about the highest ratings, in-game Lacroix or Klostermann are definitely better.

The goalkeeper is no surprise. Manuel Neuer, with an upgrade! What does EA offer in midfield? A lot of red. Coman with outstanding stats, a really awesome winger you should keep in mind for your team. Kimmich would also be great, unfortunately his pace stats are not enough. Goretzka? We don't want to say too much about this crazy card, so just read the article about the best team in FIFA 22. And then there is Müller. He would have huge potential if the colleagues from Vancouver would give him a bit more pace. Honestly, 67? They just destroyed his card...

Lewandowski and Haaland are the strikers! Every Bayern fan dreams of this duo becoming a reality. But first of all we dream of is that these two can be found in our Ultimate Teams. It will remain a dream. We're excited to see if the meta in FIFA 22 will be a little more focused on striker like Haaland, Lewandowski or Lukaku for example. If so, then it's raining goals from them.

We're about to have the top 100 ratings. So be sure to keep an eye on our FIFA 22 section to stay up to date.

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