DullenMIKE Wins 12:1 in FIFA Global Series Qualifier Final

DullenMIKE wins FIFA 21 Global Series Euro Qualifier 2
DullenMIKE stomped on all Xbox One competition this weekend. (Credit: EA Sports)

Dylan "DullenMIKE" Neuhausen once again underlines his reputation as an exceptional FIFA 21 player. The German secured first place on Xbox One in the second Euro qualifier for the FIFA 21 Global Series. On PS4, most of the spoils went to Italian champion Lucio "HHezerS" Vecchione.

There is hardly any way around Dylan "DullenMIKE" Neuhausen on Xbox in FIFA 21, especially if you're German. The man reached the playoffs of the the local VBL Open the week prior and won a major international event over this last weekend. Exceptional times for the 18-year-old youngster.

DullenMIKE Wins FIFA 21 FUT Champions Cup 2

DullenMIKE is unstoppable. The 18-year-old German FIFA professional dispatched all competition during the second Euro qualifier for the FIFA Global Series. The last-minute implementation of press and crossover nerfs in the latest title update did not faze the champion in the least.

The final in particular was an utter beatdown. Opponent Naseem "NEissat14" Eissat mustered one goal to DullenMIKE's twelve. That's right - 12:1 in the final. DullenMIKE had previously won 7:0 in the quarterfinal, so his masterclass in FIFA 21 remained pretty much unchallenged even in the latter stages of the bracket.

The final on PS4 was the polar opposite. HHezerS and his opposite number Unsal battled to the final minutes where the Italian prevailed with a late, late Kylian Mbappé winner that gave him the 7:6 victory. DullenMIKE and HHezerS take $15,000 each for their efforts.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.

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