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FIFA 22 Serie A Exclusive
The empire strikes back. | © EA Sports & Futebol na Veia

The battle for licenses goes into the next round. EA Sports has secured exclusive rights for the Italian Serie A. Which clubs are affected? What consequences does the fight have for FIFA 22 and eFootball? We provide you with the most important information about the deal between FIFA 22 and Serie A!

It's getting ugly. After Konami recently secured the exclusive licenses for Atalanta Bergamo and Lazio, EA's revenge didn't take too long. The publisher not only grabbed the exclusive rights for Serie A, but also the licenses for a whopping 14 teams. In other words: 14 Italian teams will appear exclusively (!) in FIFA 22. As we know, Juventus, AS Roma, Lazio and Atalanta do not exist in FIFA, but in eFootball. And before we forget: two teams will be available in both games. Guys, calm down! Why do you have to make such a chaos? Look how they massacred my boy...

One of the most interesting leagues in Europe will continue to be ruined. Who wants to play with Piemonte Calcio or Bergamo Calcio? Who wants to get into the Serie A in eFootball? Once again, the license battle between EA and Konami is extremely annoying. Nevertheless, we give you an overview of what you can expect from the new deal between EA and Serie A in FIFA 22. Here we go!

FIFA 22 and Serie A – The new license deal

EA Sports has secured the exclusive rights for 14 teams of the Serie A. In addition to the name of the league, there are two thirds of the league available only in FIFA 22. Juventus, Atalanta, AS Roma and Lazio are still missing, but that doesn't seem to hurt EA that much. Konami suffers a lot from this: In eFootball only 6 teams will appear with their real names and logos. That's really nice. Not.

In addition, EA Sports also became the official partner of the Italian Super Cup. In FIFA 22, Italian football is given a significant boost. Also in Ultimate Team the country of the European champions will be in the spotlight. The new licenses will result in a FUT Team of the Season of Serie A and a POTM of Series A. The Team of the Week should also be upgraded by the new deal.

It may sound fancy, but in fact... it's horrible. The Serie A continues to be torn apart among these greedy publishers. The exclusivity is not necessarily a reason to buy FIFA 22 because with Juventus, Atalanta, Lazio and AS Roma some big clubs are missing in the game. Actually, Napoli will leave the FIFA franchise as well in 2022.

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