EA FC 24: Best Bundesliga Starter Teams For The New FIFA

Take a look at the best Bundesliga starter teams in EA FC 24. We have recommendations for a cheap Bundesliga starter squad as well as an OP Premier League starter team.

Bundesliga Starter Teams EA FC 24
The cheapest OP starter teams from the Bundesliga in EA FC 24! | EarlyGame

The Bundesliga is undoubtedly one of the best leagues in FIFA 24. This also holds true for the most popular mode: Ultimate Team. And so it should come as no surprise that there's so much interest in Bundesliga starter teams right now, especially given the recent release of the web app.

Let's take a look at starter teams from the Bundesliga which can help you enter the first Weekend League with a strong squad.

EA FC 24: Bundesliga Starter Teams In FIFA 24

At the beginning of each FIFA, players in Ultimate Team are always extremely expensive. Therefore, it's important to start trading on the transfer market and earn your first coins in the Web App. Afterward, you can also build your first starter team in the Companion App, allowing you to start playing when EA FC is released.

This article provides a good recommendation for a budget-friendly starter squad and a slightly more expensive recommendation with higher quality players, in case you've earned more coins.

EA FC 24: Cheap Bundesliga Starter Squad

Let's take a closer look at the BL and the associated starter teams for EA FC 24. As mentioned earlier, players (especially in the Premier League for example) are quite expensive at the beginning of the FUT season, but there are some cards with strong stats that will be more affordable. If you're not familiar with the ratings of Bundesliga teams yet, you can check out our Rating Article.

  • By the way: As soon as there are new cards in Ultimate Team or FC 24 is released, we will update the teams! So, be sure to keep an eye on this article.

Here's the budget-friendly BL team:

Bundesliga Starter Team FIFA 24
This starter squad ist extremely cheap in the new FIFA 24! | futbin

Let's take a closer look at this Bundesliga team: In goal, Hradecky is one of the most affordable goalkeepers, and with an 81 OVR, he is definitely playable at the beginning. The central defense with Edmond Tapsoba and Lukas Klostermann is really solid; especially the latter has been one of the best starter center-backs for years.

On the wings, we have a BVB duo with Karim Adeyemi and Donyell Malen - both have a lot of pace and strong finishing attributes in EA FC 24. Occupying the central midfield are Felix Nmecha and Manu Koné - both with well-rounded stats.

How much will this Bundesliga team cost in the new FIFA 24? We assume you should have about 35,000 coins in your account to create this starter squad. So, download the FC 24 Companion App and get started!

EA Sports FC: OP Bundesliga Starter Team

Now, it's possible that you already have a bit more money in Ultimate Team and you want to build a slightly better starter squad in FC 24. Once again, the Bundesliga offers some nice cards, which we've put together in a team for you to recreate if you'd like:

High Budget Bundesliga Starter Squad FC 24
Openda, Xavi Simons and more: This BL starter squad is just OP! | futbin

As you can see, this team has a bit more to offer, and we assume that you should have around 100k available for this - a high-budget starter squad. In goal, we have the 84-rated Casteels, and in the center-back positions, we have Dayot Upamecano and Piero Hincapié. For the right-back position, you should trust Jeremie Frimpong - the best right-back in the Bundesliga.

The midfield trio consists of Exequiel Palacios, Nmecha, and Xavi Simons. The Dutch youngster has really nice stats and is optimal for the CAM position. On the right-forward position, we've chosen Leroy Sané, who may cost a bit more. However, the German national player also brings a lot to the table: 91 Pace, 81 Shooting, and 85 Dribbling make the right side of this team look world-class.

In the center, Loïs Openda is one of the best starter strikers in the Bundesliga in EA FC 24. All in all, it's a really strong team that should lead you to some victories.

That's it for the Bundesliga starter teams in the new FIFA 24. If you want to find more good players, we have them for you here:

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