EA Honors Kiyan Prince in FIFA 21

FIFA 21 Kiyan Prince title Cropped
Kiyan Prince will be playable in FIFA 21 (Credit: EA Sports)

15 years ago, Kiyan Prince was murdered by a stabbing not far from his school. The then 15-year-old was considered an absolutely exceptional talent and went through the youth academies of the Queens Park Rangers. Using Deepfake, EA has now created a version of Prince as he would look today.

To mark the 15th anniversary of Kiyan Prince's death, EA is honoring the talent of the time by implementing the murdered young player in FIFA 21. Thanks to deepfake technologies and old family photos, the virtual likeness looks just as Prince would as a 30-year-old today.

In England, the name is well known. Kiyan Prince died tragically when he intervened in an argument and was stabbed in the heart with a pocket knife by a 16-year-old. His father Mark Prince then set up a charity, the Kiyan Prince Foundation. Queens Park Rangers honored Prince back in 2019 when Loftus Road was officially named Kiyan Prince Foundation Stadium. The foundation works to combat knife crime and violence among young people in England.

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His father Mark explains on the homepage of the club:

"I want my son to be known not for the tragedy surrounding his death, but for his accomplishments on the field. We honor his talent and hopefully can inspire other kids to do the same - no matter what their talents are."

In an emotional video, the club remembers Kiyan Prince and shows how he is represented in the game:

From May 18 the animated version of Kiyan Prince will be playable in FIFA 21. Initially, he will be available in the kick-off and career modes. As QPR quasi officially introduces him as a newcomer with shirt number 30, he will also get a card for the FIFA Ultimate Team.

Kiyan Prince EA
Kiyan Prince returns to the pitch in FIFA 21. (Credit: EA Sports)


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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Scherbaum.