EA Without FIFA-License - But Still With Stars?

EA could actually lose the license for the name FIFA in the future. Now, however, the publisher is taking precautions and securing the FIFPRO rights - and thus 65,000 professionals.
FIFA 22 Lizenzen Spieler FIFPRO FIFA
Stars like Mbappé are likely to remain in EA's football game | © 2SANDER7 via YouTube

It was a message like an earthquake, at least for us long-time FIFA fans: EA actually wants to change the name of the football game. FIFA 22 then becomes EAFC 22, or something like that. It would be crazy, but if the FIFA should actually ask for billions of dollars, then it is also clear why EA Sports is at least thinking about renaming.

The established publisher has been making the FIFA series since 1993. With the end of the current licensing rights, fans have already been speculating: Will EA lose its football stars? After all, we don't want to play with Kyle Muabbe or something like in the old PES days, but rather continue to play with our favorite footballers on the console.

EA & FIFPRO – More Important Licenses

The developer has now reacted to this. EA has already officially announced the extension with FIFPRO. In the press release, the publisher emphasizes the importance of authenticity. And yes, this is really important.

In addition to the thousands of player names and likenesses that are supported by the FIFPRO license agreement, EA SPORTS football experiences are the only places fans can play in the iconic UEFA Champions League, CONMEBOL Libertadores, Premier League, Bundesliga, and LaLiga Santander.

“Our players regularly remind us that one of the most important aspects of an EA SPORTS experience is the deep immersion created through authentic use of the world’s greatest leagues, teams and talents - it’s how we continue to uniquely blur the lines between the digital and physical worlds of football,” said David Jackson, VP EA SPORTS Brand. “FIFPRO will continue to be an important partner as we build the next generation of EA SPORTS football experiences for players around the world."

“We are extremely pleased to extend the long-term relationship with EA SPORTS, a true partner that’s committed to create the best interactive experience for football fans worldwide,” said Theo van Seggelen, Statutory Director of FIFPRO Holding.

So, that sounds good because FIFA (or EA Sports FC or whatever) without licenses just wouldn't be fun. The possibility to play with the real and biggest stars has always been the attraction of the series.