Featured TOTW in FIFA 22 – All Details About the TOTW-Update

Ultimate Team TOTW FIFA 22
A new update for the TOTWs awaits us! | © EA Sports

With an upgrade for the TOTWs in FIFA 22, EA Sports wants to introduce some game changers. The new Featured TOTWs get a boost and are intended to make the performance based items more relevant in Ultimate Team again. But what are the Featured TOTWs? We provide you with the most important answers!

With special cards like Team of the Week, Man of the Match or Player of the Month, EA tries to connect FIFA with reality. Basically, the approach to "reward" players for their good performance is quite nice. Unfortunately, the TOTWs in particular lose their relevance over time. Ultimate Team is stuffed with fancy events that drop banger cards. Despite the possible upgrades, the TOTWs tend to become irrelevant because of that. But that should change with the new Featured TOTWs in FIFA 22.

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Wait. Is this some new sort of EA tactics to squeeze the last drop out of our wallets? Actually, no. The Featured TOTWs work like the standard TOTWs. "You perform well on match day? Come here, buddy. Get yourself some TOTW-flair." But there is a small difference: Featured TOTWs get a boost. And that's the game changer! We'll show you how the new special cards work in FIFA 22!

Featured TOTW in Ultimate TeamAll Details

Compared to the standard Team of the Week players, the new Featured TOTWs get a sweet boost. In order to receive these better stats, the players must meet certain requirements. A player must have a maximum rating of 80 OVR and at the same time he must not appear in any live event (e.g. OTW).

Jude Bellingham FIFA 22 Featured TOTW
Featured TOTWs kinda look like that. | © EA Sports

In the picture above, you can see the new cards. The star above the rating is intended to distinguish the standard from the featured TOTWs. But that's just a preview. A lot can be changed until the release of the first Team of the week. And watch out: any future Performance-Based Items these players earn will build off of this boosted rating. So these cards could become quite strong later in the game!

Some information about the SBCs: The Featured TOTWs are treated like the standard cards, so there is no difference between them during SBCs!

As it was unfortunately often the case in recent years, the TOTWs disappear from the lineups after the first major FUT events and are only used for some SBCs. The boost from the Featured TOTWs should make the cards more interesting again and keep them in the game longer. We think it's a great upgrade to add a bit of variety to Ultimate Team. What do you think? Let us know!

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