FIFA 21: Fernando POTM SBC - Cheapest Solution

Fernando POTM
Is Fernando good enough for your squad? (Source: EA Sports)

Another SBC for you to complete, this time, it's the POTM Fernando SBC. Is this SBC worth it? How much does it cost? We'll tell you all about it!

The defensive midfielder was one of the key players for Sevilla FC's five consecutive wins in April. Thanks to this run, the team from Andalusia will once again play in next season's Champions League. Fernando scored his first two goals of the season in April - but he's not the kind of player you'd want to take a goal-scoring chance with.

We'll show you whether or not it's worth to complete this SBC.

FIFA 21: Fernando POTM SBC

  • Position: CDM
  • Nation: Brazil
  • League: LaLiga
  • Team: FC Sevilla
  • OVR: 87
  • Weak Foot: 3 Stars
  • Skills: 3 Stars
  • Price: 65,500 Coins
  • Expiry Date: 6.3.2021

Is the Fernando POTM SBC Worth It?

We admit: Fernando's stats definitely got room for improvement. This far in the season, it's questionable whether he can be a key part of your team. But if you need a holding midfielder for clearances, he can complement your team.

In any case, we want to mention that the price is quite fair. For about 65,000 coins you get a solid midfielder with nice defending stats. With shadow, you can give him more speed and even higher defensive stats. However, we are not really convinced. There are much better players for a similar price. All in all, the SBC is not really worth it.

Fernando Stats FIFA 21
Fernandos stats are quite underwhelming (Source: FUTBIN)

Fernando POTM SBC: Cheapest Solution

To complete the Fernando SBC, you'll need to trade two teams, which cost around 65,000 coins.

  • Sevilla FC: Min. one Sevilla player, min. one IF, min. 11 players, min. 80 OVR, min. 80 chemistry
Fernando SBC Team Sevilla
Jan Boril is the required IF (Source: FUTBIN)
  • LaLiga: Min. one LaLiga player, min. one IF, min. 11 players, min. 84 OVR, min. 75 chemistry
Fernando SBC Team La Liga
Andrea Consiglis IF is important for this Team (Source: FUTBIN)

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