FIFA 21 eClub World Cup: All the Regional Winners

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German teams RBLZ and Schalke 04 couldn't make it to the grand final of the FIFA 21 eClub World Cup. (Credit: EA Sports)

The official FIFA eClub World Cup came to an end this weekend. With RBLZ Gaming and Schalke 04, two German teams were involved in the European final round. How they did and all the other results from the rest of the world can be read here.

The FIFA eClub World Cup is one of the most important FIFA еsports events of the season and this year's competition has been an exciting one. The two German teams RBLZ Gaming and Schalke 04 managed to reach the final rounds (24 February - 28 February), but failed in the quarter and semi-finals, respectively.

The Final Round of the FIFA 21 eClub World Cup in Zone 4 - Europe

The tournament was over for the RB Leipzig team in the quarter-finals. The current leader of the South-East Division in the Virtual Bundesliga lost 3:6 (1:3; 4:0; 1:4) to the professionals representing Italian Serie B team Monza.

Schalke 04 enjoyed a better start in the final round with a clear 6:0 win against Team Gullit (1:0; 3:0). However, the semi-finals spelled the end for the Germans. In an extremely exciting match, they lost to the Italian esports organisation Mkers. All three encounters between the two teams ended in a penalty shoot-out (3:4; 7:6.; 7:8) but the Italians showed cooler nerves.

Schalke 04 can see some consolation in the fact they lost to the tournament winners. Mkers won the final against Danish organization Astralis with a 9:6 result.

The Final Round of the FIFA 21 eClub World Cup in Other Zones

  • Zone 1 saw Dire Wolves from Australia beat French organization Atlantide Wave 9-3.
  • In Zone 2 Japanese organization Blue United eFC emerged victorious, winning the final with that same 9-3 scoreline.
  • Team 25 E-Sports from Saudi Arabia won the final in Zone 3 with yet another 9-3.
  • It was a little tighter in Zone 5 where ELS Torneios Online won 9:6 against Team FW BR.
  • Last but not least, the final in Zone 6: Complexity Gaming beat New York City Esports by, you guessed it, 9-3.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Faris Delalic.