FIFA 21 Freeze Replacing FUTmas?

Fifa21 freeze
Freeze is the new FUTmas. (Image Credit: NepentheZ via Twitter)

With Christmas fast approaching, FIFA 21 players and FUT junkies in particular are looking towards the much anticipated FUTmas event. However, FUTmas might not be coming at all this year. A certain Freeze might be taking its place for good.

Leaks of a FIFA 21 loading screen have thrown FUT lovers everywhere into a frenzy. According to the last second info, the FIFA 21 Christmas event this year will not be the traditional FUTmas.

The loading screen, which has been shared by multiple folks, aka unlikely to be fake, suggests that a new FUT promo called Freeze will commence tomorrow evening. December 11, 7 PM CET, to be precise. The discussion now is what will FUT Freeze be exactly and more so, how will it affect FUTmas?

The two questions are naturally connected and we must start from the back. If Freeze, still unconfirmed by official EA representatives, is indeed real, then it is extremely unlikely that we will see a FUTmas event this year. There's simply not enough time. Except if Freeze's makeup is that of a quick-fire build-up weekend event and FUTmas launches on Monday.

This would be the ideal scenario, but it's also the least likely to happen.

Our theory is that Freeze will take FUTmas' spot in the event calendar for rather bland reasons. Bland, but smart in terms of marketing. See, not all people celebrate Christmas, so as nice as the word play in FUTmas is, perhaps Electronic Arts figured that they could appease some more people by changing the name to something a lot more common, like freezing cold.

Content-wise, we expect Freeze to be the same or similar as FUTmas. In other words - relax! There's always the possibility of us being wrong, but why would EA tinker with a format that's adored by fans of the series? They're already on bad terms with the majority of the community, so better stick to the little leverage they have.

Let's just hope EA don't realize it's not cold everywhere this time of year and change the promo's name to Pants next season in search of a more uniting term. Cuz I ain't wearin' any!

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