FIFA 21 SBC Tracker: Cheapest Solutions for All New SBCs

Keep up with the active FUT SBCs in FIFA 21. | © EA

Squad Building Challenges have become daily content in FIFA 21, especially now during FUTTIES times. In this article, we will keep you up to date with all the SBCs and give you tips on which ones you should complete and how to find the cheapest solutions.

Many SBCs are time-limited and can't be completed past a certain point, which makes these cards special items. The cards are not exchangeable. When you complete an SBC, you also receive packs (depending on the type) to go with the special card as a reward.

What Is SBC?

SBC stands for Squad Building Challenge. The challenge is to trade in squads filled with player cards you already possess in order to acquire one stronger special card. SBCs are released regularly and there's never a time in FUT where you can't entertain yourself with a Squad Building Challenge.

What Type of SBC Is There?

There is great variety: Icon SBCs, Upgrade SBCs, Flashback SBCs, Player Moments SBCs and TOTS SBCs are particularly popular at the moment. Player of the Month (POTM) SBCs are also created for the top five leagues.

Live FIFA 21 SBC Tracker

The following Squad Building Challenges are active during the current week (July 05-12, 2021) and cannot be completed after they expire. Icon SBCs and POTM SBCs, which go over a longer period of time, are an exception.

Only player SBCs are listed in this article. The links will take you to the cheapest solution for the respective SBC, if there is one.


Active SBC's (July 28th, 2021)

FOF Path to Glory SBC's

Flashback SBC's

Icon SBC's


Premier League

La Liga


Fifa 21 joshua kimmich summer stars sbc cheapest solution
Kimmich's card is looking strong! | © NepentheZ via YouTube

Serie A

Süper Lig

Liga NOS


Ligue 1



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Original article by EarlyGame's Jonas Sohns.