FIFA 21 FUT Season 2 Rewards

FIFA 21 FUT Season 2 Rewards
The FIFA FUT Season 2 rewards are unveiled and we are... excited? Not really, but read on... (Image Credit: EA Sports)

The second season of FIFA 21 FUT has begun. Did you manage to secure the level 30 rewards in Season 1? Whether you did or not, you'll have the opportunity to secure one of three strong players at the maximum level. Here are the FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Season 2 rewards!

Season 2 in FIFA 21 FUT is here. After EA Sports gave you the choice between three strong cards at level 30 in Season 1, some exciting rewards are waiting for you in Season 2 as well.

FIFA 21 FUT Season 2 Rewards

New season, new players! FIFA 21 Ultimate Team Season 2 is here. You have time to accumulate the 100,000 experience points needed to max out level 30 until the end of 2020. That's not the only place where you'll be rewarded for your efforts though. Each level has its own reward and to give a relative idea of the players' strength along the way, EA unveiled the rewards at level 15 and level 30.

FIFA 21 FUT Season 2 Rewards for Level 15

In the middle of the second FUT 21 season you have the choice of one of three players that can reach an OVR of 82. All three cards do not look bad at first glance and should be a welcome sight – especially for players who have been held back by a lack of draw luck.

  • CM: Andrés Tello - 82 OVR (Beneveneto)
  • CB: Joseph Aidoo - 82 OVR (Celta Vigo)
  • RM: Woo Yeong-Jeong - 82 OVR (Freiburg)

FIFA 21 FUT Season 2 Rewards for Level 30

To complete level 30 you need a total of 100,000 experience points. You gain them by completing games, goals and milestones. In order to get the maximum number of points, you will need to complete almost all the bronze, silver and gold tasks each week.

At the end of the season, if you have completed enough tasks, you can choose between the following players:

  • CM: Naby Keïta - 85 OVR (Liverpool)
  • ST: Iago Aspas - 86 OVR (Celta Vigo)
  • CB: Alessio Romagnoli - 86 OVR (Milan)
FIFA 21 Season 2 Rewards
FIFA 21 seasonal rewards aren't outstanding. (Image credit: EA Sports)

We didn't expect much from rewards that are practically free and, in all honesty, the top players on offer aren't something to be that excited about. Weirdly enough, the level 15 trio is actually a better return for your time and effort: Tello is one of the best all-around midfielders in that OVR range – though his shooting leaves something to be desired.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.

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