FIFA 21 Guaranteed Serie A, Eredivisie, CSL TOTS SBC Cheapest Solution

SBC Guaranteed
Are you ready to bet on your luck? (Credit: EA Sports)

The newest SBCs in FIFA 21 are guaranteed TOTS cards from different leagues. We'll show you which players from which league you can get and how to complete the SBCs in the cheapest way.

Thanks to the new SBCs, you can get several TOTS players for your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. We'll show you which players are available and how you can get them for the cheapest price.

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Are the Guaranteed League SBCs Worth It?

The Eredivisie and CSL TOTS are really not that expensive. You can get your TOTS player for about 20,000 coins, which you will probably use for more SBCs anyway.

The guaranteed Serie A TOTS card is something else. It is much more costly of course, but when you have even the slightest chance of adding TOTS Cristiano Ronaldo to your FUT squad for 160,000 coins, you take that shot.

Guaranteed Serie A TOTS SBC Cheapest Solution

  • Min. one TOTS player, min. 86 OVR, min. 55 chemistry
This squad could get you TOTS Ronaldo. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Guaranteed Eredivisie or CSL TOTS SBC Cheapest Solution

  • Min. 82 OVR, min. 40 chemistry
Eredivisie TOTS SBC
No special cards necessary here. (Credit: FUTBIN)

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Scherbaum.