Meet the New FIFA 21 Meta Skill Move!

Fifa 21 meta skillmove
FIFA 21 has a new skill move meta. (Credit: EA Sports)

Every year FIFA reinvents itself with the January updates. Title updates 8 and 9 have shaken up the FIFA 21 meta and the stepover is no longer usable. But there is a new skill move you should master!

With FIFA 21 Title Update 8 and Title Update 9, the meta of the football simulator changed a lot. The once overpowered stepover is history after the nerfs, but players are always quick to find a successor.

The New FIFA 21 Meta Skill Move

The January updates for FIFA 21 changed everything. There's a new meta formation - the 5-3-2. There is also a new meta skill move. We'll talk about that today.

FIFA players know that skill moves are necessary to score goals, especially at higher levels. Skill moves come in a total of five categories, the most difficult of which can only be performed by 5-star skillful players. That's why it's important to master as many as you can.

The good news: The new meta skill move is a 1-star skill move and can therefore be performed even by the most inept goalkeepers and defenders. It is the so-called "Directional Nutmeg", a skill move that is new to FIFA 21.

How to Perform the Directional Nutmeg

To use the Directional Nutmeg, you don't have to memorize a long key combination or press three buttons at the same time. The execution of the skill move is quite simple:

  • Hold down L1+R1 (or LB+RB)
  • Move the right analogue stick in the direction in which you want to execute the skill move.

That's it. Pretty simple, isn't it? With this skill move, you can even make AI defenders on the highest difficulty level look silly, provided you have the right timing.

If you aim the move directly at an opponent, your player will put the ball a little further ahead, receive a short speed boost during the subsequent sprint and thus, in most cases, scurry past Varane, Gomez and co. without any problems.

Just try the Directional Nutmeg yourself. You'll see that it makes even the best center backs look like Sunday League footballers.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.