FIFA 21 Mid Icon Upgrade SBC Solution

Mid icon upgrade sbc etoo
Whoever pulls Samuel Eto'o from the pack can consider themselves lucky. (Credit: EA Sports)

The icons are among the most popular and best cards in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. No wonder, after all, the legends of past soccer eras fit every team in terms of chemistry. The Mid Icon Upgrade SBC has now launched in FUT mode, we have the most affordable SBC solution.

Looking for a way to pair The TOTY card of Joshua Kimmich with Cristiano Ronaldo? Then FUT Icons are your best option. The icons are currently available in a total of three variants: you can now get the middle one as part of the Mid Icon Upgrade SBC.

Is the SBC Worth it?

You have just a few days until February 6 to complete the Mid Icon Upgrade SBC in FIFA 21 Ultimate Team. You will have to pay around 600,000 coins for it.

Sounds like a bargain, considering that Pelé is worth 5.8 million coins and Ronaldo is currently worth 8.15 million coins on the transfer market, right?

Well: things are not that simple. The mid icon upgrade SBC is an absolute gamble. Because the mid icon you get for completing it is randomly selected. If you're unlucky, you'll end up with Filippo Inzaghi or Ryan Giggs from the pack, who are only worth a fraction of the coins invested.

Whether the SBC deal is worth it depends entirely on your budget and whether you still have plenty of untradeable players at the club. If you're lucky, you'll get a huge bargain. So if you have a lot of coins at your disposal, the SBC is definitely worth a look.

Mid Icon Upgrade SBC Solution: The Most Favorable Way

There are a total of four teams you'll need to trade for the Mid Icon Upgrade SBC, all of which come with exorbitantly high requirements:

  • Team with 84 OVR (minimum 75 Chemistry).
  • Team with 85 OVR (at least 1 TOTW, at least 70 Chemistry)
  • Team with 86 OVR (at least 65 chemistry)
  • Team with 86 OVR (at least 1 TOTW, at least 60 chemistry)

Team 1: 84-Rated Squad

By far the cheapest team at around 72,000 coins. Here you combine a trio of Ajax Amsterdam with various players from Benfica or SSC Napoli to achieve the required chemistry.

Mid icon upgrade sbc 84 rated
The first team is still relatively cheap. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 2: 85-Rated Squad

Here, just under 140,000 coins are already due. The cheapest way is through a combination of Serie A and Spanish La Liga. Central defender Cristian Romero from TOTW 18 serves as the in-form card.

Mid icon upgrade sbc 85 rated
Just under 140,000 coins costs this team. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 3: 86-Rated Squad

For the third team, we're already at about 200,000 coins and combining a whole four leagues together.

Mid icon upgrade sbc 86 rated
With this mixed hybrid team, you will secure the 3rd SBC. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Team 4: 86-Rated Squad

Despite the TOTW requirement, the fourth team turns out to be just under 10,000 coins more expensive than the third team. Here you combine Ligue 1 with the English Premier League. As an in-form card, you use central defender Marcelo from Olympique Lyon.

Mid icon upgrade sbc 86 rated 2
About 210,000 coins are due for the fourth and final team. (Credit: FUTBIN)

Have you completed the Mid Icon Upgrade SBC? Which player did you draw? Let us know on Facebook or Discord. You can read more about FIFA 21 on EarlyGame.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.