FIFA 21: Most Common Gameplay Mistakes Players Make

FIFA 21 gameplay4
Don't make these mistakes! (Credit: EA Sports)

When it comes to FIFA 21 gameplay mistakes, it is a matter of experience. The more experienced a player is, the fewer mistakes he will make during the game. However, every player makes mistakes; there is not a single one that can play a perfect game. Keep in mind that you need to minimize your errors to get the best result, so try avoiding them as much as you can. Here are some of the most common FIFA 21 gameplay mistakes that even top-tier players make.

Holding the run button (R2/RT)

The FIFA 21 mistake that can often be seen even on pro level, is an old habit many players have from previous versions of this game. If you also have a habit of holding the "run button" during the whole game, just stop doing it. You can hold it while you need to run to defend or attack. However, whenever you have the ball just stop holding it. Your ball control will increase drastically. It is easier for every player to receive the ball while standing still. The most common situation in which this can be seen, is through balls shot into the space close to the goalie. Your attacker will run to get that ball, but you won't be able to stop, and you will end up colliding with the goalie and lose the ball.


FIFA is a game that is practically impossible to play without any tactics. It's going to help if you customize the tactics to match your gameplay style. If you know how to defend, and you are aiming to score from a counter-attack, make sure to adjust custom tactics, so your players will know what to do.


FIFA 21 tactics
FUT 21 Custom Tactics (Credit: EA Sports)

Your strikers will always try to find some space and get in behind to be ready for a counter-attack. On the other hand, if you prefer ball control, you should adjust tactics to possession and short passes. This will tell your players to stay close, and you will always have at least one free teammate to pass the ball. We won't go through every possible scenario, but you surely understand that tactics must be used for every play style if you want it to work.

Using Ultra Attacking

Ultra Attack is a double-edged sword. Earlier versions of this game had more options like "Park the Bus" and "All out Attack". Those two strategies are no longer in FIFA, but don't let it fool you, "Ultra Attacking" is just like "All out Attack" was back in the days. You should only use it if there is no other choice. If you are two goals behind once 45 minutes hit, don't use it until at least the 70th minute. If you start using it earlier, your players will get tired, and they won't be able to continue playing.

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