FIFA 21: Most Common Ultimate Team Mistakes

Fifa 21 ultimate team pic
Don't make these mistakes. (Credit: EA Sports)

The most popular mode in every FIFA since 2008 is, without any doubt, the Ultimate Team mode. Be that as it may, a lot of players are still making the same mistakes every year. Let's go through some of the most common Ultimate Team mistakes and see what you should avoid doing.

Opening Packs

Pack opening is nothing else than gambling. The chances to get something good out of a pack are close to none. The probability of getting 83+ player from a regular Gold Pack is just 3,5%. You pay 5,000 coins for a slim chance to get an 83 player who is maybe worth around 6,000 coins, if you are lucky. Of course, there is always a possibility to pack something better and make a great profit, but it is almost impossible to do so.


Fifa pack probability
We'll help you fix the mistakes. (Credit: EA Sports)

Try to remember: how many packs have you opened this year and how many of them were actually profitable? If you count everything, are you really in profit? We are talking about paid packs, not the ones you got as rewards. Just think about it before you open another pack. It is always better to save coins and purchase players that you actually need directly from the market.

So, don't buy packs. Just open the ones you get from Squad Battles, Division Rivals, or Weekend League rewards. If you are feeling lucky and you think you can pull something good out of a pack, go and complete an SBC. It is still much cheaper than buying the pack itself.

Popular Players

Buying popular players can be both good and bad for your team. It mostly depends on which popular players you bought. The truth is, not all famous players are good in FIFA as they are in real life. Therefore, you should look at grades first instead of a player's name. For example, Messi may be the best player globally, but he isn't the best player in the FIFA videogame. So, go and try every player first before you make a big purchase.

Selling Players in a Hurry

You probably wanted to buy some players, but you didn't have enough coins, so you had to sell some substitutes from your team. If you are in a hurry, you are probably willing to sell players for lower prices. Don't do that! You can always wait at least an hour or two to get a realistic price for your player. The player you want to buy won't run anywhere; he will still be on the market. You will maybe even get a better deal if you wait. So, always be patient when it comes to trading players.

Going too Big

Don't sell half of your squad just to buy one player. If your total balance is 500K coins, you need to split that amount evenly. Don't buy one player worth 400K and additional ten for the remaining 100K. Instead, buy all the players of similar ratings to make your team complete. Every position matters in this game, and defense is just as important as attack.

Avoiding SBCs

Another mistakes players tend to make, is that they completely ignore SBC's. The reward you can get from SBC's are way better than you might think. Every week, there is a set of Marque Matchup SBCs. All the rewards from every Marque Matchups SBC are tradable, and it will always result in a profit. You simply can't be in a deficit after you complete Marque Matchup SBCs.

Wasting Chemistry Styles

FIFA chemistry style application
Chemistry is so important in FIFA (Credit: EA Sports)

Another big mistake that a lot of players make is applying the wrong chemistry style and wasting its potential. If the player already has 95 pace, it is pointless to apply hunter on him, because the total pace will be over 100, which can't be used in the game. Check what each chemistry style brings, which attributes are affected, and try to find the balance.

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