FIFA 21 Title Update 9 Nerfs Skill Moves

Fifa pitch notes
EA Sports keep attempting to balance FIFA 21 halfway through the season. (Credit: EA Sports)

FIFA 21 Title Update 9 is here to bring balance to the universe. Skill Moves have been nerfed next to another attempt at making referees a little bit smarter. We have all of the patch notes ready for you.

FIFA 21 Title Update 9, or version 1.12, is now available on every platform - PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S. What do the patch notes say? Let's find out!

FIFA 21 Title Update 9 Nerfed Skill Moves

The general feel of gameplay changes in Title Update 9 is the attempt to bring the effectiveness of skill moves down. Ball consistency during and after performing a skill move is a particular focus. Besides that, we have the 17th attempt to set referees to not blow the final whistle during a goalscoring opportunity. We hope that these referee patch notes do their thing every time, but they never do. We are left with nothing more than to hope again.

Title Update 9 also marks one of those occasions where the PS5/Xbox Series X|S patch notes differ from those on the PS4 and Xbox One. On the PS5, Adaptive Triggers' resistance has been lowered, haptic feedback when DualSense is turned on after launching FIFA 21 has been fixed. Previously, it would not function if DualSense wasn't already active.

One common issue of the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S that was fixed is when a news headline would swap the club name’s position with a player name. As hilarious as that is, a patch was due to remove it one of these days.

The full Title Update patch notes can be found at the FIFA Forums.

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