Is FIFA 21 TOTW 36 Coming?

FIFA 21 EA setzt TOTW aus
TOTW 35 will be the last one for FIFA 21. (Credit: EA Sports)

According to Twitter, Electronic Arts is suspending the ever-popular Team of the Week. We explain what will happen to TOTW in FIFA Ultimate Team, and what the upcoming European Championship might have to do with it.

TOTW 35 was the last for this season. EA Sports are putting a stop to this FUT format for now, as they announced recently.

Why Is There No TOTW 36?

Every major European league's season is over. So there's no place to pick good players from. Furthermore, with Team of the Season active for the past month, TOTW cards were reduced to nothing more than SBC scrap.

When Is the Next TOTW Coming?

It is currently unclear whether and how TOTW will continue. There is the European Championship coming, but while we expect some FIFA 21 content to emerge during EURO 2020, we can't know for sure if it will be TOTW. Matter of fact, we would bet that it won't be.

Most likely, we'll see the return of Team of the Week in August, when club tournaments resume.

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Are There Going To Be Special European Championship Cards?

No. UEFA EURO 2020 licenses are exclusive to PES, so there can't be any special European Championship-style cards in FIFA 21. EA could still wiggle around that with special cards in different colors, which would be obviously related to EURO 2020, but without actually breaking the licensing rules.

With everything said so far, we don't expect that much to come to FUT between June 11 and July 11. You may be better off playing Pro Clubs.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Scherbaum.