FIFA 21 TOTY: Defense & GK Ratings Are Out, Messi Could Make it as 12th Man

Fifa 21 toty defenders
There will be no 99 OVR players in the FIFA 21 TOTY. (Credit: EA Sports)

The FIFA 21 TOTY continues to entertain FUT players. Today marks two big events - the announcement of OVR ratings for the defense and goalkeeper, and the starting point of the 12th man voting.

EA Sports have been releasing portions of TOTY at different times in the past few days. We received the forwards and midfielders early on, now it's time for defenders to make their appearance. Furthermore, fans can now vote for the 12th TOTY man. The picks come down to Heung-Min Son, Thiago Alcântara and Lionel Messi.

FIFA 21 TOTY Defense

We knew who is in the FIFA 21 TOTY, but we didn't know their ratings. That's no longer the case as the four defenders and goalkeeper Manuel Neuer are entering FUT packs. The final rating reveal confirms that there won't be any 99-rated players in this year's TOTY. Virgil van Dijk was one of the 99 OVR players in FIFA 20, but he is down to "only" 96 this time.

FIFA 21 TOTY Defense & Goalkeeper Ratings

  • LB: Alphonso Davies - 93 OVR (Bayern München)
  • CB: Sergio Ramos - 96 OVR (Real Madrid)
  • CB: Virgil van Dijk - 96 OVR (Liverpool)
  • RB: Trent Alexander-Arnold - 94 OVR (Liverpool)
  • GK: Manuel Neuer - 96 OVR (Bayern München)

TOTY 12th Player Vote

Additionally, the voting for the 12th TOTY member has begun. If you log into FIFA 21's FUT mode by January 28, you will receive a player choice pack with a loan card to one of the three players available for selection. The card you choose will receive your vote.

The players you can choose from are:

  • Heung-Min Son (Tottenham Hotspur)
  • Thiago Alcântara (Liverpool)
  • Lionel Messi (Barcelona)

Cristiano Ronaldo made the FIFA 20 TOTY as the 12th player and his nemesis Messi is favored to do the same now. However, Son is such a beast in FIFA 21 that a miracle may as well happen. We will find out in the coming days.

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Original article by EarlyGame's Philipp Briel.