FIFA 22 Record Breaker Tracker: Edouard Joins

There are countless special cards in FIFA 22. Of course, the Record Breakers are part of them as well. Here you can find all the Record Breakers that have been published in Ultimate Team. Odsonne Edouard joins the club.

FFIA 22 Record Breaker Edouard
All Record Breakers in FIFA 22 | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

Most of the special cards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team release on a regular basis. The TOTWs release every week, obviously. That's one of the things with record breakers. EA Sports can't just pull something out of its hat here, but has to wait until someone really reaches a special milestone on the pitch. That could be an insane goal or the umpteenth game for the same club.

You can't predict exactly how much the ratings of a player will change due to this upgrade. In FIFA 21, the differences between all Record Breakers were huge. While Kylian Mbappé and Virgil van Dijk each went up by just one point, David Silva, for example, has received a really big upgrade. It's no different in the new FIFA.

More about FIFA 22 special cards:

What Are The Record Breakers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

As mentioned before, the record breakers are special cards in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. Players get them as rewards for reaching special milestones on the pitch. They have a special design and, for the most part, are also relatively expensive. The players also receive a ratings upgrade. However, the boost of these special cards is always different.

Are the Record Breakers in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Worth It?

Yes and no. It just depends on how much the player's ratings are pushed. In the end, you can compare them to the TOTWs. While the boost makes a big difference for some players, others just stay bad. So it can happen that the upgrade is not that great, but the special card costs three times as much as the gold card. By the way: Not only the ratings can get an upgrade, but also, for example, the weak foot of a player!

In general, Record Breakers always make a sweet impression. So if you have a few coins left... why not?

When Do The FUT 22 Record Breakers Release?

With the release of the Inaki Williams SBC on October 19th, the first card has already been released. Next was Odsonne Édouard on January 4th, 2022, who scored for Crystal Palace just 28 seconds after being substituted on, setting a new Premier League record!

Edouard SBC Stats
Odsonne Édouards Record Breaker Stats | © futbin

It is not yet possible to say exactly when the next one will appear. First a player has to break a record.

All FUT 22 FUT Record Breakers

Athletic Bilbao's Inaki Williams can celebrate his Record Breaker card. The Spaniard was able to make 203 start-up appearances in a row for his club – chapeau! Odsonne Édouard follows and joins the club of record breakers. Congratulations!

The FUT 22 Record Breakers:

  • ST: Inaki Williams (Athletic Bilbao) – 84 OVR
  • ST: Odsonne Édouard (Crystal Palace) – 85 OVR