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Which tricks will become the new meta? | © EA

As EA has already announced, there will be a lot of changes in the new FIFA 22. With the revised animations, the movements in the game will be much smoother. Sounds nice. But that also means: Skill moves and tricks are more important than ever before! We'll give you an overview of all the tricks in FIFA 22 - and show you with which of them you can dominate the game!

In soccer, the team with the most goals wins - duh. It's no different in FIFA, of course. Sure, you can do it without tricks. Stand deep, wait, long ball - goal. But if you want to leave the Atletico Classics tactics behind, you should learn the (new) skill moves as soon as possible. FIFA 22 will fundamentally change the gameplay, the movements should be even more realistic. Reason enough for us to dig deep into our knowledge of skill and show you the fastest way to become Ronaldinho on your console.

How To Dribble in FIFA 22

Tricks not only make your opponents look like a loser, sometimes you can also use them to create promising situations. You don't know any skill moves or tricks? No problem, you can easily do the moves without the mentioned skill. Most of the tricks are actually quite simple, which is why you shouldn't have any difficulties as a newcomer. Just do it like Leroy Sané: dribble, a fancy heel to heel, lose the ball... But it will definitely work the next time!

But watch out: not every player can perform every trick! You have to look at the star-ratings, which indicates the abilities of your chosen player. For example: Neymar has the highest rating (5 stars) and can therefore perform all special movements. Every field player has at least two stars.

New in FIFA 22: First Time Skill Moves

Another reason to improve your skill: the First Time Skill Moves. The introduction of this new feature will turn the world of skill moves upside down. Tricks are now immediately possible when receiving the ball - previously this was only possible when faking a shot.

Unfortunately, we do not yet have any precise information as to which tricks will be affected or which will be newly introduced. It will certainly be worthwhile to try out the feature. We'll keep you updated here!

New Skill Moves in FIFA 22

In addition to the first time skill moves, EA is also adding some new tricks. With the First Time Spin, Four Touch Skill, Scoop Turn Fake and the Skill Bridge, we get four new special moves for FIFA 22. We cannot say what the movements will look like in the end, or - more importantly - whether they will be good or not. EA didn't even want to tell us the required skill stars. But here, too, we will quickly feed you with new information if there is something new to know!

New Skills in FIFA 22

You will find all the tricks for FIFA 22 in our list. Perhaps there is also the right move for you! We start with the four newly introduced special movements:

First Time SpinL1 (hold) + R1LB (hold) + RB
Four Touch SkillL2 (hold) + R. Stick back (Flick) + R. Stick back (Flick)LT (hold) + R. Stick back (Flick) + R. Stick back (Flick)
Scoop Turn Fake
L. Stink (hold)L. Stick (hold)
Skill Bridge
L2 (hold) + R1 (Double Tap)
LT (hold) + RB (Double Tap)

The Best Skills in FIFA 21

As it is so often the case, the meta changes from game to game. Still, it certainly doesn't hurt to look back at the best skills in FIFA 21. These include, for example, the Scoop Turn or the legendary Elastico - but both require a 5-star player. The commands for 'La Croqueta' are nearly the most important. For the last FIFA editions, the skill has been pretty OP and could even be done with 4-star players. It remains to be seen whether this will also be the case in FIFA 22. Every year, some skills are nerfed, while others are buffed. In any case, here is a list of the top 5 skills in FIFA 21.

La Croqueta
L1 + R. Stick left or right
LB + R. Stick left or right
Scoop Turn
Square or Circle + X + L. Stick and direction
X or Y + A + L. Stick and direction
ElasticoR. Stick right, 180° through down
R. Stick right, 180° through down
BridgeR1 (Double Tap)
RB (Double Tap)
Heel to Heel
R. Stick up, down (Flick)

R. Stick up, down (Flick)

These Skills Were Changed

EA has made changes to some of the tricks that were already featured in the last editions. It is no longer possible to cancel Reverse Elastico, Elastico, Roulette, Scoop Turn and La Croqueta in FIFA 22. The step-over, drag bag spin and four touch turn can now be canceled during execution instead.

The Directional Nutmeg and the Bridge will get a slower version. To what extent this will affect the effectiveness of the tricks remains to be seen.

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