The Best Bundesliga Team in FUT

If you don't want to build hybrids in FIFA Ultimate Team, but are satisfied with a league, we have something for you. We have created two teams for you, a strong Bundesliga starter team and an even more blatant starting XI, in case you already have more coins in FUT. So let's take a look at the two teams!
FIFA 22 Bundesliga OP Team Pro Team Münzen Coins Cheap
Wanna play a Bundesliga team? | © via YouTube IamTabak

The Bundesliga continues to be an attractive league for FIFA 22 Ultimate Team. We have already shown you the highest rated players from the league, and today, we'll show you the best teams in FIFA 22 - Hummels and Ginter are no longer part of these teams. Sorry boys.

The Best Bundesliga Team in FUT

Let's start with the starter team. Many of you probably don't have more than 100-200k in your account yet, but you can change that with good results in Division Rivals and the Weekend League. Let's take a look at the team:

FIFA 22 BL OP Team
Lewy for 45k! Take my money and let's go! | © FUTBIN

One or the other might be amazed, but this team really doesn't cost a lot. You only have to pay 130k for it, still it's damn strong! The defense is outstanding, and every position is occupied by meta-players. The central midfielders cost nothing, and here we have two all-rounders with Can and Laimer. Speed is of course important on the wings, and for just 5k, you can get the Diaby-Sané combination. You think, "WTF, what is Lewandowski doing in this team?!"? You don't have to. The striker actually only costs 45k! That is why he complements the team perfectly alongside Donyell Malen. Lewy is really playable right now, so don't ignore him.

Bundesliga Pro Team
There are better teams for the price... | © FUTBIN

It doesn't get any better than Davies and Mbabu in the full-back positions. Upamecano and Lacroix are also the best the Bundesliga has to offer. Goretzka is the best CM / CDM in the game, and with Kimmich, you are well positioned there too. What bothers us, however, are the remaining positions. The Bundesliga still has a strong wing on LW with Coman, but on the right, Sané is the only playable card. There is room for improvement. Same in CAM: Lars Ricken as number 10 is cool and also the best that the German league has to offer - but still far too weak. At the moment, this is perfectly fine, but in a few weeks, Ricken will no longer be able to keep up.

It's similar with Haaland, but we can still hope for some patches. If the game is developed well for big strikers, or at least stays the way it is at the moment, you can play the Norwegian even longer. But we can well imagine that he will be overtaken by other strikers in the next few weeks. 800k for this team is therefore too much, but would still be outstanding in the current situation.

You don't want a Bundesliga team? Then maybe one from this article, or at least the Super Subs:

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