FIFA 22: The Best Central Defending Midfielders (CDM)

FIFA 22 Best Midfielders CDM
The best CDM in FIFA 22? Easy. | © EA SPORTS/Imago/EarlyGame

Who gets rid of your annyoing opponents in front of your defense? We show you the players who make sure nobody gets past. We introduce you to the highest rated CDMs in FIFA 22.

No matter in which mode you prefer to play, your midfield holds everything together. Without creativity, your team can stay at home, the center just has to work well. But beside fancy tricks your midfield needs a boss. You need someone, who is willing to do the dirty work. But who is best suited for such an defensive impact? We show you the best CDM in FIFA 22!

We left out icons, heroes, OTWs and other special gimmicks. We list the highest rated standard players that you can find right at the beginning, no matter if in FUT or Career.

FIFA 22: The best CDM

10.Fernando Reges84
9.Franck Kessie84
8.Marcelo Brozovic84
7.Wilfred Ndidi85

5. Sergio Busquets – 86 OVR

Quick question: who even plays with Busquets? His stats are disgusting, 42 pace... that's just a joke. The Spaniard is probably only used for SBCs. Absolutely not recommended.

4. Rodrigo – 86 OVR

Unfortunately, the Spaniard was missing in the CL final as a result of Pep's Masterclass. Rodrigo is a solid player, but can't really match the fantastic stats from the best CDMs in FIFA 22.

Rodrigo is just one of many Manchester City top players in FIFA 22.

3. Casemiro – 89 OVR

Casemiro has been part of the world's best midfield for years. Together with Toni Kroos and Luka Modrić, the Brazilian holds the midfielder of Los Blancos together. His defending (86) and physique (90) are just sick.

2. Joshua Kimmich – 89 OVR

Anyone who misses him as a right-back has not understood his genius in midfield. Kimmich is not only the future for FC Bayern, but for all of Germany.

At FC Bayern, the midfielder is one of the strongest players in the squad. In Ultimate Team, we could run into Kimmich a lot.

Joshua Kimmich FIFA 22 Beste ZDM
This guy is a real leader. | © Futbin

1. N'Golo Kanté – 90 OVR

In recent years, N'Golo Kanté has won the hearts of football fans. As shy as he looks during post-match interviews... the boy simply dominates every inch of the pitch.

In Germany, we say: he is a vacuum cleaner. And I think, that's beautiful. For the French, the 90 rating is perfectly fine, there is simply no better man for the dirty work in the midfield – Meta-Kanté is on his way. Chelsea's ratings are generally just insane.

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