FIFA 22: The Best Goalkeepers (GK)

FIFA 22 Best Goalkeeper
Oblak, Neuer and who else? | © EA SPORTS/Imago/EarlyGame

You need a goalkeeper who keeps clean sheets? Then we have the best goalkeepers that will strengthen any team. We present you the best and strongest goalkeepers in FIFA 22.

No matter in which mode you prefer to play, a world-class goalie is key. If he can save the dangerous chances, you'll have the best chances to win a match. GKs have always been extremely important in FIFA, and that's no different here. We will show you here the best Goalkeepers in FIFA 22.

We left out icons, heroes, OTWs and other special gimmicks. We list the best standard players that you can find right at the beginning, no matter if in FUT or Career.

FIFA 22: The Best Goalkeepers

10.Wojciech Szczesny87
9.Hugo Lloris87
8.Keylor Navas88
7.Gianluigi Donnarumma




5. Thibaut Courtois – 89 OVR

Courtois stands out with his enormous height, which is crucial for goalkeepers in FIFA. Was Navas ever meta? No, and he won't ever be. Massive Courtois has way better chances for that.

4. Ederson – 89 OVR

Strong goalkeeper! Treat yourself and get him, it will be worth it. It's much more fun when you concede fewer goals. Many people forget that it really pays off to spend a lot of money on a good goalkeeper. (Editor: ...isn't that... the point... of spending money... in FIFA?)

3. Marc-André ter Stegen – 90 OVR

Do you remember FIFA 20? That was when ter Stegen was the best goalkeeper in the game. He is still outstanding now, though.

2. Manuel Neuer – 90 OVR

Good old Neuer actually got an upgrade in FIFA 22. Of course, he's worth it, no matter what mode. Neuer is simply extremely strong, in FIFA, he always convinced as a solid number 1.

Oblak FIFA 22
Number 1 is none other than Oblak! | © FUTBIN

1. Jan Oblak – 91 OVR

The untouchable number 1 in FIFA. He was also the strongest goalkeeper last year. Does he appeal to you for Ultimate Team? Linking could be difficult, he hasn't turned out to be an absolute meta in the last years...

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Original article by Alex Frieling