FIFA 22: The Best Full-Backs (RB)

FIFA 22 Best defenders RB
The highest rated Right Backs in FIFA 22. | © EA Sports

Do you want to have good full backs, who help you against players like Mbappé or Ronaldo? Then we have the players for you who have a lot of qualities in the back. We introduce you to the best rated RBs in the whole game.

No matter which mode you prefer to play: The defense has to work. If you have good defenders, you've already good chances to win the match. Of course, you also need strong strikers who score, but in recent years at FIFA we've seen how much more important a good defense has become. So come on, we're going to show you the strongest RBs in FIFA 22.

We have left out Icons, Heroes, OTWs or other special cards here. We list the highest rated players that you can find right at the beginning, whether in FUT or career.

FIFA 22: The best Full-Backs - RB

10.Aaron Wan-Bissaka83
9.Juan Cuadrado83
8.Ricardo Pereira84
7.Jesús Navas


6.Kieran Trippier


5. Achraf Hakimi – 85 OVR

Hakimi is the best example that rating is not everything. If it was a matter of performance, the Moroccan would be in first place. Honestly, 95 pace! 95! If you have him in your team, you have a strong defense and a lot of opportunities in the front.

4. Kyle Walker – 85 OVR

To be honest, Walker and Hakimi are the two best Right Backs in FIFA 22. They have exactly what you need for that position. Walker can also play in central defense, which makes him an exceptional player overall.

3. Dani Carvajal – 85 OVR

The last season was disappointing for him with Real Madrid, so he was downgraded to 85 OVR. Is he playable in FIFA 22? Not really, the Spaniard is too expensive and has hardly any pace. Too bad Dani, but maybe next year.

2. João Cancelo – 86 OVR

What an upgrade! Cancelo deserves that because of his last season, was offensively and defensively really strong. His card is also playable.

Cancelo FIFA 22
His stats are outstanding. | © FUTBIN

1. Trent Alexander Arnold – 87 OVR

Arnold couldn't really convince last season, the result were a lot of goals for the opponents. In FIFA 22, he still has the strongest rating, but that doesn't make him the best RB in the game. With 79 pace, he is perfect for SBCs, but not for your squad.

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