FIFA 22: The Best Strikers (ST)

Best Strikes FIFA 22
What? it's not like this is a spoiler alert | © EA Sports & EarlyGame

Want to score a ton of goals in FIFA 22? You'll need players you can rely on upfront; allow us to introduce you to the best and strongest strikers (ST) in the upcoming FIFA 22.

Regardless of which mode you prefer, one thing stays constant: you need goal-scorers. Obviously. So, you'll be looking for great strikers... wait, what's that I hear you ask? You only want the very best strikers? Don't worry, you've come to the right place. We'll show you the strongest strikers in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22: The Best Strikers

10.Gerard Moreno86
9.Ciro Immobile87
8th.Sergio Aguero87
7thLuis Suarez88
6thRomelu Lukaku88

5. Erling Haaland - 88 OVR

What's up with this guy? His goal rate is wild. Haaland is already playing on a par with Ronaldo and Messi at the age of 21. He plays as he wants, and he's sure to make a lot of players very happy in FIFA 22. Let's see which club we will play him at in the future.

4. Harry Kane - 90 OVR

The Spurs are definitely happy that "Captain England" continues to play at Tottenham. For a long time there were rumors of an exit, but Kane stayed in the end. With his 90 rating, the 28-year-old joins the elite of strikers.

3. Cristiano Ronaldo - 91 OVR

For many years, the CR7 was the undisputed number one ST. Now, he's been ousted. It's less because of his move to Manchester United though, and more his age. Even Ronaldo feels older at 36 - even if he is fitter than anyone else his age.

2. Kylian Mbappé - 91 OVR

The high-flyer from France has a filthy-strong attack at PSG. His gold card is almost a joke - it's almost unimprovable. Mbappé is again the best player in FIFA 22 this year. His stats are just abnormal.

Mbappe FIFA 22 Statistiken Stärke Wertung Rating
Mbappe may not have the highest OVR, but its stats are incredible | © FUTBIN

1. Robert Lewandowski - 92 OVR

The Polish goal-getter is the king of the position in FIFA 22. Rightly so, we think. After his scoring season (41 goals in 29 games), the 33-year-old really deserved the top rating.

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