FIFA 22 Beta: Release Date, Registration, Platform, Modes - All the Info

FIFA 22 Beta
When will the FIFA 22 Beta be released and how can you participate? | © FUT Mentor via YouTube

The FIFA 22 release is getting closer and closer - and the FIFA 22 Beta is supposed to get us in the mood for the new EA game. There is already first information about the FIFA 22 Beta, like a potential release date, the content, language, regions and registration.

After the North American beta was a disaster for EA, because simply every detail was leaked, the developers now dare to try again.

FIFA 22 Beta: Release Date, Registration, Platform, Modes - All the Info

There is new info about the FIFA 22 Beta! @FIFAUTeam has revealed details about it in a tweet. In the beta guide it is explained what the test version of the new game contains.

The beta is there to test the already developed game for various errors, bugs and glitches, which can be fixed before the release. EA will not change much in the game itself after the beta. Hopefully we will get a bug free game for the release on October 1st.

FIFA 22 Beta: Release Date

The closed beta will have two different invitation dates. The first invitation will be on August 11th, the release date of the beta will be August 13th. At least On August 25 the next invitation for new players will follow. The beta will end on August 31 - that means one month before the official FIFA 22 release.

FIFA 22 Beta: Platform

The FIFA 22 Beta will only be playable on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox X/S. The FIFA 22 Beta will not be available for PC, Nintendo Switch, old or current-gen or mobile. If you want to know what the minimum system requirements are for your PC to play FIFA 22, click this link. Also, you should know that PC is not considered next-gen and therefore will not have essential gameplay innovations, such as the new HyperMotion technology.

FIFA 22 Beta: Game Modes

  • Kick-off
  • Pro Clubs
  • Career Mode
  • Ultimate Team

FIFA 22 Beta: Language, Size, Regions

The FIFA 22 Beta will only be available in the UK and North America. The reason for this is the English language, which EA needs for the feedback. So for international FIFA players it will be quite difficult to get into the beta, unless you live in the said areas. Maybe you can trick via VPN and create a new account, but you don't get this info from us!

The beta download will be about 58 GB, so check your console's memory beforehand to be able to download the file without any problems.

FIFA 22 Hyper Motion
FIFA 22 will have a lot of changes! | © EA

FIFA 22 Beta: Prerequisites / Requirements for the player.

There are some requirements that the tester must meet:

  1. At least 18 years old
  2. Console account must be from UK or North America
  3. Beta is only available for PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X/S - for no other platform
  4. FIFA 21 must have been played regularly
  5. Internet connection must be available
  6. The User Agreement and the FIFA 22 Beta Agreement must be accepted
  7. An active PS Plus or Xbox Live Gold subscription must be available

FIFA 22 Beta: Invitation + Rules

EA sends all beta communication from Add this address as a safe sender for receiving emails. Check your spam, junk or social folders for missed emails from Do not trust emails sent from another domain and do not share your credentials.

You need a direct invitation to try the FIFA 22 Beta. You cannot buy it from someone. A beta code is created for a specific player only and cannot be transferred or shared with another player. The code will also not work on other accounts. So offers for sale from other users are scam.

Once you accept the invitation, you automatically accept the confidentiality clause. No information is allowed to get out to the public. If this is the case, you will have to deal with considerable consequences on the part of EA.

You can read the exact beta description in detail here.

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