FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Haaland, Malen, Reus & Co.

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How good will the BVB squad be in FIFA 22? © EA Sports / EarlyGame

What will the BVB Rating be in FIFA 22? The game releases on October 1, and in this article we're speculating about the FIFA 22 BVB Ratings. In our new FIFA 22 Ratings series, we will gradually introduce you to the possible strengths of the top teams. Who is improving? Who is getting worse? Here you can see the BVB ratings in FIFA 22. And they promise interesting ratings.

You can't even use superlatives to describe how strong Erling Haaland is, but it's not just him. Donyell Malen, Mats Hummels or Jude Bellingham also promise extremely interesting ratings. So how good will Borussia Dortmund be? We expect a strong team in FIFA 22. So, let's take a look at our FIFA 22 Ratings predictions.

Erling Haaland – when he hits the ball, you'll know... he will definitely score. What this Norwegian produces on the pitch at only the age of is absolutely world class. Of course, Chelsea would have paid over €175M for Haaland this summer.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: How is the Haaland, Hummels & Reus Prediction Determined?

Of course, there isn't the ultimate formula for predicting the ratings of each player - otherwise we wouldn't be sitting here. We try to summarize our experience from the countless FIFA parts and our insane football knowledge and make a prediction. Here we go!

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Erling Haaland Rating FIFA 22

Erling Haaland | Rating FIFA 21: 84 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 87 OVR

Can you still call Haaland a talent? Or a complete striker at an absolutely world-class level? I tend to believe the latter. The Norwegian has already scored 62 competitive goals in 61 games for Dortmund. For Marco Rose it is a blessing that BVB was able to keep him for this season.

Haaland's FIFA card also goes insane. We definitely would give him an 87. That's an ascending trend! Depending on how good big, strong strikers are next year, Erling Haaland has absolute meta potential!

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Mats Hummels Rating FIFA 22

Mats Hummels | Rating FIFA 21: 86 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 86 OVR

For Hummels, the past season was up and down. Under Favre it didn't work at all, but Terzic was able to get the Germans back in shape after starting difficulties. As a consequence, he was allowed to play in the Euro's, but he was not entirely convincing.

It will be interesting to see how he gets into the current season. In FIFA, he will get a strong 86 again, but whether he will be playable is the other question. If EA keeps its promise, Hummels should be really good in FIFA 22 too.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Marco Reus Rating FIFA 22

Marco Reus | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 85 OVR

When he was fit, he made phenomenal games, especially under Terzic. Unfortunately he was injured too often and had to accept a weak phase under Favre. All in all, he remains with his original rating.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Raphael Guerreiro Rating FIFA 22

Raphael Guerreiro | Rating FIFA 21: 84 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 85 OVR

In my opinion he is one of the most underrated players in the Bundesliga. Why? He has been playing well for BVB for years, both offensively and defensively. The left-back brought 11 (!) assists and 5 goals in the 2020/21 Bundesliga season.

He enriches the BVB game enormously, but unfortunately had to end the season due to an injury. He would probably have even better qualities in midfield, as he is so technically strong, and puts his teammates in the limelight. His upgrade in FIFA 22 is overdue, we are expecting an 85.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Axel Witsel Rating FIFA 22

Axel Witsel | Rating FIFA 21: 84 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 83 OVR

The last season was really unlucky for Axel Witsel. Due to a torn Achilles tendon, the Belgian had to end the season at the beginning of the year, so he could not prove himself.

This also means that he was mainly only able to experience Dortmund's weak phase. An 83 rating is therefore the logical consequence.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Roman Bürki Rating FIFA 22

Roman Bürki | Rating FIFA 21: 84 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 82 OVR

Will he switch clubs, or will he stay? Everything seems possible so far, as Borussia has not yet been able to find a buyer. Under Favre he made mistakes too often, and under Terzic, Marwin Hitz was the number one.

In summer, BVB signed Gregor Kobel as the new number 1, which means that Bürki probably won't play that much. A change is therefore very likely. What is still likely? A downgrade to 82.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Thorgan Hazard Rating FIFA 22

Thorgan Hazard | Rating FIFA 21: 83 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 84 OVR

The next upgrade in the Dortmund team. The goal against Portugal at the European Championship has probably stuck in everyone's mind. It's unimaginable that his brother Eden was once just so much better. In 2021, Thorgan Hazard is the world class player in the family.

Both at BVB in an offensive role, and for Belgium as a wing-back, Hazard performs well. For FIFA 22 he will therefore get an improved card.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Emre Can Rating FIFA 22

Emre Can | Rating FIFA 21: 82 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 82 OVR

When he came, people thought he would be the decisive factor at Borussia Dortmund. It cannot be denied that he has established himself well, and helps out wherever he can. However, exceptional performance is simply missing, and fluctuations in his performance are too often noticeable. And at the Euro's, too, Can was barely able to attract attention.

Overall, it has to be said that he is a blessing for every coach. He can be used flexibly, always hits the mark, and can help every team directly. At the moment, however, consistency is missing in his game so that he can pick up an upgrade in Vancouver.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Thomas Meunier Rating FIFA 22

Thomas Meunier | Rating FIFA 21: 81 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 79 OVR

What a disastrous season in Dortmund. Whether in the Champions League, Bundesliga or the cup. Meunier just played very bad. Unlucky for Dortmund, he should bring in Constance on the right side. At the end of the season he only had 1,900 minutes of competitive play, and three scorer points. We say: not enough! For FIFA 22 this means a downgrade to 79. Next season there will be a lot of pressure on him.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Nico Schulz Rating FIFA 22

Nico Schulz | Rating FIFA 21: 80 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 80 OVR

If Guerreiro would not have been injured, it would have been a guaranteed downgrade for Nico Schulz. Due to the injury, he was able to play more under Terzic, and had good approaches in his game. Thus, his Rating won't change in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Manuel Akanji Rating FIFA 22

Manuel Akanji | Rating FIFA 21: 78 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 79 OVR

Akanji has established itself in Dortmund. When he's fit, he plays. His speed, his technique and his cleverness are good for the BVB game. The defense often looked unsettled last season, but it should be enough for an upgrade of one point.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Mohammed Dahoud Rating FIFA 22

Mo Dahoud | Rating FIFA 21: 76 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 79 OVR

It seemed like he was already gone, but no! Dahoud came out of nowhere and showed under Terzic why Dortmund once committed him. In the 6/8 position he designs the game, and now he shows exactly what was expected of him for a long time. Why not directly? You will also be rewarded for such an achievement, an upgrade of 3 points!

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Gregor Kobel Rating FIFA 22

Gregor Kobel | Stärke FIFA 21: 75 OVR | Geschätzte Stärke FIFA 22: 79 OVR

Dortmund transferred a total of €15M to VfB Stuttgart. Kobel showed strong performances last season, and often kept the Swabians tight. It will be interesting to see whether he will also convince in the black and yellow jersey.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Donyell Malen Rating FIFA 22

Donyell Malen | Rating FIFA 21: 78 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 80 OVR

It's the summer transfer par excellence for all BVB fans. A player who has pace, finishing, positional play, and outstanding technique. He now has to play really well, though, as €30M is a lot of money during Covid-19.

In addition to Haaland, however, he can form an extremely strong double attack. Alternatively, he can come from outside. A strong transfer for a young Dutchman. Last season was so convincing that he should get an 80s rating in FIFA too.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Giovanni Reyna Rating FIFA 22

Giovanni Reyna | Rating FIFA 21: 68 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 73 OVR

Giovanni Reyna came as a young, inexperienced talent. In the meantime, he has matured into an experienced player. Now you're probably wondering why he doesn't get a gold card. Last season was too weak for that. An inflammation in the knee, a torn muscle fiber and, quite simply, ineffective performance explains this decision.

He will get a strong upgrade to 73, but for an even higher rating he has to get more scorer points again. One goal last season is simply not enough.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Jude Bellingham Rating FIFA 22

Jude Bellingham | Rating FIFA 21: 69 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 77 OVR

It looks different with Jude Bellingham. With the Three Lions he was even allowed to contest the European Championship, and in Dortmund, Bellingham is already playing at world-class level. He is so calm! You don't even notice his 18 years of age, just remember those two great games against Manchester City.

Just incredible. This is definitely rewarded in FIFA 22. We expect a 77 rating. At least.

FIFA 22 BVB Ratings Prediction: Youssoufa Moukoko Rating FIFA 22

Youssoufa Moukoko | Rating FIFA 21: not included | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 65 OVR

The 16-year-old has not yet been found in FIFA 21 for obvious reasons. But that will change in FIFA 22, because he is now an integral part of the BVB squad and had good moments last season.

It will be interesting to see how he grooves himself between Haaland and Malen in order to be on the pitch constantly. We expect a modest 65 for his first FIFA card. It should be silver.

What are the FIFA 22 BVB Rating Predictions?





Erling Haaland

87 (+3)


Mats Hummels

86 (0)


Marco Reus

85 (0)


Raphael Guerreiro

85 (+1)


Axel Witsel

83 (-1)


Roman Bürki

82 (-2)


Thorgan Hazard

84 (+1)


Emre Can

82 (0)


Thomas Meunier

79 (-2)


Nico Schulz

80 (0)


Manuel Akanji

79 (+1)


Mohammed Dahoud

79 (+3)


Gregor Kobel

79 (+4)


Donyell Malen

80 (+2)


Giovanni Reyna

73 (+5)


Jude Bellingham

77 (+8)

STYoussoufa Moukoko65 (FIFA 21 nicht enthalten)

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