FIFA 22 Career Mode: All The Big Changes For You & Your Club

FIFA 22 Karrieremodus News Change
What can we expect in career mode? | © EA

FIFA 22 is bringing some big changes to career mode. Here's a rundown on all those new features, and our thoughts on how much of an impact this might have on career mode.

So first of all, there was a lot of interesting leaked material about career mode. Unfortunately, we don't get an online career mode. But: We will be able to create our own club again. To be honest, that was the one I think most fans were really looking out for. The fact that EA is selling the feature as new is pretty cheeky though. Career mode with your own club already existed way back in 2013.

FIFA 22 Career Mode: Creating Your Own Club Is Back

You will be able to create your club the way you want it to be. First, you choose the name and nickname and then the league in which you want to start. The team you replace will then start in the rest of the world. So, if you want to ban Bayern from the Bundesliga or replace Paris Saint-Germain in Ligue 1: here you go.

You can also start in the lower leagues and lead your team to fame and glory. A rival can also be chosen too. Jerseys and Stadiums can also be customized of course.

Another feature we absolutely love is that you can hire your squad right from the start. You can adjust the average age and the average strength and of course make transfers afterward. You can also manage the budget yourself, so it should tickle that Football Manager itch.

You can also set whether the focus should be on the youth or whether you would rather be an established top club.

Player Career Is Getting New Features Too!

Okay, sorry to sound too excited. Ultimately, Player Career is getting all the goodies from Pro Clubs.

But what sounds great are all the changes coming to the bank. That just makes the mode more realistic. You start your career as nobody, as a bench warmer, and only get a little working time. You have to convince your manager about your talent and then get more playing time.

The features aren't groundbreaking, but this is going to be one of those great modes you can just chill on when you're relaxing.

New Transfer Negotiations, Animations, And Milestones In Career Mode

EA are giving us new animations for transfers. Yay. I mean, after seeing this twice, it's just going to be something you skip through. But the attention to detail is something we would complain about if it was lacking to be fair. Check it out:

There are also new cheering sequences. Again, a small but enjoyable feature.

The new milestones sound nice, however. This makes the career more authentic. You will be notified if you win the Manager of the Month award or if one of your players gets the Golden Shoe.

What do you think? We personally love career mode, and these changes are promising. But who knows how well-supported the mode will be compared to the sacred FUT...

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