FIFA 22 Ratings: Chelsea FC - with Saúl and Lukaku!

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Here we are with the final ratings!

FIFA 22 will be released on October 1st, and we are looking at the official ratings. How strong are the top players, and which team has the best squad? Today, we take a look at Stamford Bridge... Can Europe's kings strike again?

Since Eden Hazard's departure in summer 2019, the Blues have lacked a striker who knows what he's doing. Tammy Abraham would have been a nice story, but the Englishman was too harmless. The following year, Timo Werner was the promised hero ... but that's all it was. A promise. The Chelsea attack was not as competitive as in the early 2010s.

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FIFA 22 Ratings: Chelsea FC

Sure, Chelsea won the Champions League and Thomas Tuchel put together an awesome team and got the most out of them. But: titles do not instantly mean good performance! So the lame attack had to be replaced. And as it is so often with English investment funds... uh, clubs, you throw money after the problem until it solves itself. To be more precise, it was 115 million euros. But the solution is quite staggering. The return of the lost son: Romelu Lukaku.

With the Belgian, Tuchel gets a striker who can hold the ball like no other. He's also so damn fast. The perfect combination for FIFA 22. But what are his values? What ratings does Chelsea get in FIFA 22? Let's take a look!

N'Golo Kanté Rating FIFA 22

N'Golo Kanté | Rating FIFA 21: 88 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 90 OVR

The vacuum cleaner. Kanté is an inconspicuous player, but resembles a machine. The 2018 world champion appears everywhere on the pitch, clears the back, carries the attacks up to the front. His importance to the Blues can hardly be put into words. That's why he gets a stronng ugrade - 90 OVR! If you want to know why Kanté does not deserve an upgrade, click here.

Romelu Lukaku Rating FIFA 22

Romelu Lukaku | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 88 OVR

RO-ME-LU! LU-KA-KU! Big Rom whirled up Serie A properly and finally shot Inter back to the top of Italy after eleven long years. After the financial worries of the Milanese club and the parting from coach Antonio Conte, the Belgian took the exit and returned to the Stamford Bridge. Lukaku not only strengthens Tuchel's team, but also makes Chelsea a hot title contender in the Premier League. There's a huge upgrade for the exceptional striker!

Kai Havertz Rating FIFA 22

Kai Havertz | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 84 OVR

His goal in the CL final distracts a lot from his performance during the season. Came to England as a bearer of hope, but disappointed with a lack of consistency. In the big games, however, he was there and provided important scorer points. There is still a lot of room for improvement, but he is only 22 years old. This year he get a downgrade.

Saúl Niguez Rating FIFA 22

Saúl Niguez | Rating FIFA 21: 84 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 82 OVR

Would you have expected this last minute transfer? He came out of nowhere. It will be very interesting to see how Saúl will do at Chelsea, because with Kanté and Europe's Footballer of the Year Jorginho, he has strong competition in his position.

Nevertheless, he doesn’t need to hide. The Spaniard has had outstanding years at Atlético. Even though he only had 2,600 minutes of competitive play last season. So last season he was not convincing. As a consequence he gets an 82 OVR.

FIFA 22 Chelsea
What difference can Romelu Lukaku make at Stamford Bridge? | © EA

Jorginho Rating FIFA 22

Jorginho | Rating FIFA 21: 83 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 85 OVR

When you hear the word top scorer, you usually think of strikers who made the difference in the past season. But... we're talking about Chelsea, and things are quite different here. Midfielder Jorginho scored seven times in the league and was the top scorer of last season. Apart from that, the European champion was always reliable – both at Chelsea, and the national team of Italy. That's why he earns the upgrade of two points!

Thiago Silva Rating FIFA 22

Thiago Silva | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 85 OVR

Came from PSG and was important from the start on, but injuries were a huge issue for him. In the CL final against Manchester City, he left the pitch after 31 minutes due to an injury. Still among the best defenders in the world despite his 36 years of age. Silva keeps his rating of 85.

César Azpilicueta Rating FIFA 22

César Azpilicueta | Rating FIFA 21: 84 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 83 OVR

José Mourinho once said: "Give me 11 Azpilicuetas, and I'll win you the Champions League." Well, Tuchel only needed one. The Spaniard has been playing for the Blues for nine years, but his will to win is still undeniable. The captain took the lead in a turbulent season - and won the Champions League in the end... incomprehensible why he get a downgrade.

Timo Werner Rating FIFA 22

Timo Werner | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 84 OVR

Top striker ordered on Wish. Hard to believe how many chances the boy missed. He probably left his instinct in Leipzig... the two missed chances in the CL final prove this attacking tragedy. He will probably not get past Romelu Lukaku next season. But we still believe in you, Timo! Nevertheless, he goes down to an 84 rating.

Hakim Ziyech Rating FIFA 22

Hakim Ziyech | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 84 OVR

He, too, came as one of the new hopes last season... and also fell short of expectations. The Moroccan was unable to continue his performance from his time at Ajax and had a mixed season. His goal in the UEFA Super Cup gave hope for improvement. He's also down one point.

Mason Mount Rating FIFA 22

Mason Mount | Rating FIFA 21: 80 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 83 OVR

One of the golden boys! Definitely one of the surprises from last season. He worked his way up to the starting XI at the European Championships and has become an indispensable part of the Blues. The future at Stamford Bridge has a name! Fortunately, Mount is one of our best recommendations for the career mode in FIFA 22, the boy dominates in all midfield positions. He earned an upgrade of three points.

Antonio Rüdiger Rating FIFA 22

Antonio Rüdiger | Rating FIFA 21: 81 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 83 OVR

During the reign of Lampard, he had hardly any playing time, but under Tuchel, an undisputed starting XI player. One of the main reasons for the defensive bulwark under the new coach. Unfortunately, one of many unlucky characters at the EM. But... the defensive giant goes up two points.

Mateo Kovacic Rating FIFA 22

Mateo Kovacic | Rating FIFA 21: 83 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 83 OVR

It was a mixed season for the Croatian midfielder. In the final games of the season, he was absent due to an injury and was unable to play in the important games. What does that mean for his rating? Not that much. Kovacic didn't have enough opportunities to make an impact on the team. That's why he stays at 83.

Ben Chilwell Rating FIFA 22

Ben Chilwell | Rating FIFA 21: 81 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 82 OVR

Chelsea got what they ordered: Ben Chilwell. The Englishman was able to keep his stats from the previous year... But if that is worth 50 millions, probably only Roman Abramowitsch himself knows. Nevertheless, the 24-year-old is improving – an 82 rating for him.

Edouard Mendy Rating FIFA 22

Edouard Mendy | Rating FIFA 21: 79 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 83

In September, he came as substitute for Kepa and quickly established himself. Was one of the top performers on the way to the title in the Champions League. Will be the main keeper of the Blues in the coming season as well.

Kepa Arrizabalaga Rating FIFA 22

Kepa Arrizabalaga | Rating FIFA 21: 82 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 79

Same story every yeah: 80 million, blah, most expensive goalie in history, blah, terrifying performances. The last convincing appearance was in the EL semifinals in 2019 against Eintracht Frankfurt, after that, there was only under-achievement. Last season, Kepa was occasionally used in the Premier League, but he was seeded in the FA Cup. Too little to have a major impact on the rating. The two saved penalties in the UEFA Super Cup final do not change that much.

Christian Pulisic Rating FIFA 22

Christian Pulisic | Rating FIFA 21: 81 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 82

The American established himself as a regular player, but nothing more can be said about him. Four goals and two assists are far too low for an offensive player - but that pattern runs through all of Chelsea. So or so, he's one point up in FIFA 22.

Reece James Rating FIFA 22

Reece James | Rating FIFA 21: 77 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 81

With Reece James, Chelsea have one of England's rising stars in their squad. The 21-year-old made a whopping 47 appearances for the Blues last season, but he barely got to shine at the Euros. Check him out in career mode, the potential lets the boy rise through the roof.

CDMN'Golo Kanté90 (+2)
STRomelu Lukaku88 (+3)
CMSaúl82 (-2)
CAMKai Havertz84 (-1)


Jorginho85 (+2)
CBThiago Silva85 (=)
RBCésar Azpilicueta83 (-1)
STTimo Werner84 (-1)
RWHakim Ziyech
84 (-1)
CAMMason Mount
83 (+3)


Antonio Rüdiger83 (+1)
CMMateo Kovacic
83 (=)
LWBBen Chilwell
82 (+1)
GKEdouard Mendy
83 (+4)
GKKepa Arrizabalaga

79 (-3)

LWChristian Pulisic
82 (+1)
RWBReece James
79 (+2)
CBAndreas Christensen
80 (+1)
LWBMarcos Alonso
79 (-2)
CAMRoss Barkley
78 (=)
RWHudson-Odoi77 (+3)
RMLoftus-Cheek75 (-3)
CBMalang Sarr74 (-1)

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