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FIFA 22 EA Play
With EA Play, you can get started before the release. | © EA

The new season has already started, but (infuriatingly) we have to wait until October 1st for FIFA 22. With EA Play though, you can play FIFA 22 early – as early as September 22nd! We'll show you how EA Play works and what you have to consider.

There are still a few weeks left until the release of FIFA 22, but the leaks from the beta phase have already made a lot of us excited. We can't wait to be ripped off in the Weekend League and to destroy controllers out of frustration. But if you find this wait to be just too long, you can play FIFA 22 a few days earlier with the Ulitmate Edition.

The surcharge for this is a hard pill to swallow, but there's a far cheaper alternative... with the subscription service EA Play, you can also access FIFA 22 before release. And the best thing about it: With EA Play, you can play even earlier than with the Ultimate Edition! Without getting ripped off! We'll show you how.

FIFA 22 On EA Play: This Is How You Play From September 22nd

Yes, you read that right. With EA Play, you can play FIFA 22 from September 22nd. But there is a little catch: Your playing time is limited to ten hours until the game is released. After the deadline, you have to wait until September 27th (if you have the Ultimate Edition) or October 1st (if you've gone for the Standard Edition). Nevertheless, it's a pretty dope deal.

What Is EA Play?

EA Play is Electronic Arts' in-house video game subscription service. You can access and play a selected list of EA titles for a monthly fee. The service includes some big titles like Star Wars: Squadrons and Battlefield V, and almost all the games from EA Sports. And what does EA Play cost? The subscription costs €3.99 per month.

Update: There is a special deal going on at the moment – For your first month with EA Play, you only pay €0.99. In other words: FIFA 22 for 99 cents! That's just insane!

But that doesn't mean that you can get FIFA at a low price. EA Play only grants you early access to FIFA 22! When you have used up your ten hours, you have to buy the game at full price, so that you can continue to play. Electronic Arts does the same with its other sports games such as Madden, NHL, and UFC. The titles are only fully available via the subscription service at a later point in time. For example, FIFA 21 has been available on EA Play since May 6th.

We hope this will be useful because frankly, the price of the Ultimate Edition is pretty cheeky.

FIFA 22 Locked – Early Access Not Working

Of course, many did not miss this chance and bought an EA Play subscription right away. After all, you can achieve a lot in 10 hours, especially in Ultimate Team. However, as the recent reactions on Twitter show us, the community is having major problems with FIFA Early Access. The FIFA 22 trial version has stopped working since Sunday evening:

But what's behind the FIFA 22 notification: "Cannot use the content"? Well, for one, it's due to the unclear information from EA. The statement "play until release" can mean everything. Actually, we assumed that you can split up your 10 hours until October 1st, so until the release of the standard version. Maybe the trial only lasted until September 27th, until the Ultimate Edition.

Another common problem is the unintentional waste of the 10 hours. Large parts of the community warned, that you should quit the game before shutting down the console. Otherwise, the timer would just keep running.

In the end, the problems could also be related to some internal difficulties at the publisher's house. Some players reported on Twitter and Reddit that they were having trouble switching to the Ultimate Edition. However, it remains to be seen whether the problems are actually related. But since some can still access their trial version, we assume that it will only be temporarily.

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