FIFA 22 FUT Advanced Guide: How To Get The First Starter Team!

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Let's go to your first squad!

We continue with the FUT guides! You definitely want a strong team for your first weekend league. In this guide, we'll show you the most important steps to build a good starter FIFA 22 team. So let's have a look

Since you have now created your club inour first FUT Guide and got an overview, next we'll look at how you can get your first good starter team. Because especially at the beginning of FIFA 22 it is extremely important to generate coins quickly and to set up a competitive team. You don't want to be passed through in the Weekend League, because then your weekend doesn't feel like one anymore ...

Your Way to a Good Starter Team: Web App & Trading

The web app will appear soon. It is the first step to a good start in FIFA 22. You should definitely download it and take the first steps in your club. So log in daily, for example, to get the free rewards. You can also start trading here. Look for players from the Premier League, for example, and try to buy them for a few coins and sell them again for more. The Premier League is ideal because it is just really popular as a league and the demand is damn high.

You have to be extremely fast here. So if Antonio Rüdiger costs 8k on the market, for example, try to get him for 6k. The same applies to players who are cheaper or more expensive. So the goal is to "snipe" cheaply on the transfer market and sell the player for more money. This can be time-consuming, but it will definitely get you going. Because trading has been one of the most important things for success in FUT for years! A good way can also be to buy players who are generally very popular (maybe also in real life) or who are really doing well at the moment. So it can be good to buy an OTW card before the weekend and hope that the player will then perform and get an upgrade.

Complete SBCs in FIFA 22

You can already do SBCs on the web app. Keep your eyes open here for cheap challenges that give you packs. Wherever there are packs to be won on the web app, directly complete them! Then, like every year, there are also the starter SBCs. They are uncomplicated and bring in the first packs and coins, be sure to do it! SBCs are a very important factor in achieving success. But of course, you have to hope for a bit of a pack luck – that's always part of it.

Challenges and Battle Pass

Every year, there is also a Battle Pass in FIFA Ultimate Team. Here you don't have to actively focus on completing it, but you can level it very quickly with daily tasks and playing different cards. In general, it is good here if you play many different modes. So what do you get in the Battle Pass? There are packs, good players, items, but also coin boosts. So everything for a perfect start in FIFA 22. And as I said, there are always cards that you can get if you complete different challenges. There are sometimes really good things that are good for the club at the beginning!

Play Weekend League and more in FIFA 22

Perhaps one of the most important things: play! Play Division Rivals and qualify for the Weekend League, there are also rewards in Rivals. Play the Weekend League, there are the best rewards and that is where you make the greatest progress in play.

Squad Battles is also a good thing, through the mode you level the Battle Pass, you can often earn players there and get a few more packs and coins. FUT Draft is a matter of its own. We only advise you to go in with coins if you really think you can reach the final, because with four wins, FUT Draft is definitely worth it. Otherwise, you can of course start with FIFA Points ...

FIFA Points

Lastly, we have to tell you that you can make coins with FIFA Points very quickly. Whether in FUT Draft or simply with packs, the FIFA Points bring coins. But we don't say more about it. You know this is about real money.

If you have followed these points, then your starter team can really shine. It is also important for us to say that you can definitely set different priorities here. With the modes, the challenges or the SBCs, there are many ways to get coins, items, packs and players. But as long as you play regularly, use the web app and have a good eye on the market, you are already on the right track.

Of course, we also build you the nicest starter teams so that in the end it doesn't mean that we haven't given you enough information for the Weekend League. Just keep an eye on our FIFA 22 section, when all the ratings are out, we will upload the best starter teams!

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