FUT Packs Opening In FIFA 22: How To Tell If It's A Walkout

FIFA 22 Walkouts erkennen FUT Ultimate Team
How to spot Walkouts in FIFA 22 | © EA SPORTS/Imago/EarlyGame

Walkouts introduce the best FUT players you can get in Ultimate Team. We show you how to spot the walkouts in FIFA 22 immediately.

What makes Ultimate Team so special? Opening packs and getting Messi, Ronaldo or Mbappé for your FUT, of course. In case you don't even know what a walkout is in FIFA: It introduces particularly strong players with a high rating after you've pulled them out of a pack in FUT. An animation is shown in which the player "walks in" and first poses as a greeting or does some other move.

The walkouts in FIFA 22 have been changed. They are much shorter and easier to recognize. We'll tell you how you can immediately see which player you pulled. We'll tell you how to spot rare gold players, 83+ players, and walkouts.

FIFA 22 Pack-Opening: Rare-Gold-Players

The Rare Gold players include players with a rating between 75 and 82. You will recognize such a player when you enter the stadium directly after opening it. The card is shown more or less immediately. There are only two small fountains, no other animations can be seen.

The pack is opened relatively bleak. You will see the card immediately. Will probably be skipped a lot, at least when the starter teams are ready to go.

FIFA 22 Pack-Opening: Players between 83 & 85

You can spot those players (if you are a professional) by the light rain of confetti that can be seen on the outside next to the cards. But you can recognize it even more clearly by the fountains. They're on both sides at the same time and are much more intense and brighter than the rare-gold-player ones.

So, if you see the fountains light up, you can be happy. Then you pulled a star who has 83 to 85 OVR.

FIFA 22 Pack-Opening: Walkout (86-87)

There are two different walkouts in FIFA 22. You can recognize players who are between 86 and 87 OVR by their animation.

The player walks in directly. Even during the fountains, which no longer just go up to the left and right, but illuminate the entire platform. The confetti rain is even stronger now...

You will see the walkout immediately. If you know your FIFA, you can see right away which player you have drawn, even if his back is turned to you.

FIFA 22 Pack-Opening: Walkout (88-99)

If you've pulled one of the best players there are in FIFA 22, the walkout will also start immediately after opening the pack. You can recognize a superstar between 88 and 99 OVR by the fact that the headlights above the podium are on. Confetti goes off... like seriously. The fountains all come on at the same time and much faster than for the 86-87 walkout.

Here, too, the player walks with his back to you, but let's be honest: It will be really easy for us very quickly to recognize who we have drawn immediately.

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