How To Get Season 3 XP-Boost in FUT

Do you want to get one or two rewards in FIFA 22? EA Play members now receive Volta Coins and an XP boost for Ultimate Team. We tell you how to get it.

EA Play FIFA 22 Doppel XP Bonus
Is it worth it? | © EA Sports/EA Play/EarlyGame

FIFA 22 has been out for a few months now, and we last explained how you can get started in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team around Christmas. If you never get enough grinding in FUT, a double XP boost in Season 3 could help you.

How To Get The XP-Boost For FIFA 22 Ultimate Team?

As you can see on EA's official website, from December 1st to December 31st, you were able to get the FUT Hero Set "Antonio Di Natale Choreo". Since December 24th, you can get the "WWWesh Studio" clothing and coins for Volta as well as a FUT XP boost for season 3.

The whole thing remains redeemable until January 4th. From January 1st to January 31st, there will also be the FUT hero set "Tim Cahill Choreo". A must-have for all fans of the legendary Australian.

To get the EA Play bonuses, you must have an EA Play account. For Xbox Game Pass Ultimate owners, the rewards are available anyway. Ordinary mortals, on the other hand, have to invest €3,99 per month to become an EA Play member.

Should I Get EA Play for FIFA 22 Rewards?

The question is, of course, whether you are committing yourself to an EA Play membership just because of the XP Bonus. But if, as I said, you have just started to play FUT, then the faster level up in season 3 can give you rewards that can help you.

Especially at the beginning, it's all about getting as many coins as quickly as possible in order to build up a great team. However, the rewards aren't that good that you really need EA Play. Either way, there is no way we will get bored in FIFA 22 Ultimate Team.

Fortunately, the Winter Wildcards were really nice and wild, the Headliners are already leaked – and we're all waiting for the Team of the Year, which will be coming soon.

If you find it difficult to get started, or you are slowly losing your desire for FUT, we have 5 tips how to make FIFA 22 Ultimate Team much more fun.