FIFA 22: First Glimpse At New Gameplay

FIFA 22 Gameplay Changes Aenderung
This is the new FIFA 22 Gameplay | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

FIFA 22 will hit the stores on October 1. Now, EA has announced official gameplay changes. We'll show you all details: What changes in FIFA 22? Scroll down to see FIFA 22 gameplay on PS5.

The wait was long, now we finally know what will change in the new FIFA 22. Yup, there are actually some significant changes to this iteration of FIFA. Haters are gonna say it's the same game every year. Well... you're wrong this time.

Everything about Hypermotion Technology and why it is only available on Next-Gen:

FIFA 22: All the Gameplay Changes

I know it, you know it, and anyone who's played half a game of FIFA knows it: Pace. Is. Everything. That doesn't seem to be changing in FIFA 22. But EA knocks out a new sprint option. Sounds quite exciting.

FIFA 22: Explosive Sprints

The explosive sprints are primarily used to make running a little more variable. At least that's how it is meant to work. With targeted boosts in sprinting, you can get past defenders with offensive players, as well as catch up with strikers as the defender. We're curious to see how that turns out. Could really provide a couple new approaches in 1v1s.

FIFA 22: New Attacking Tactics

Well, this was expected: There will be new settings for the behavior of your team. Essentially an expansion of the tactics options. How effectively these will then affect the behavior of the team remains to be seen.

Playing counter-pressing even more precisely and making a run at the goal after an opponent loses the ball - without the defense disintegrating. That's what we want. Please, EA... make this happen.

FIFA 22: True Ball Physics

Yes... the ball behavior shall change once again. How often was this announced over the years? We don't even know anymore. But what EA has done sounds quite good: parameters like flight speed, spin, air and rolling resistance have been re-scanned and will have an effect in the game.

FIFA 22 Gameplay
How will the players control change in FIFA 22? | © EA Sports

Goalkeeper Rewrite - New Keeper Animations in FIFA 22

The rewrite of the goalkeepers actually sounds exciting. You know it, no matter if Manuel Neuer, Jan Oblak or Gigio Donnarumma: All of them move more or less the same and act similarly. Keepers simply don't have a personality in FIFA.

That will change now. Well, at least it should, because the men between the posts are supposed to differ more individually. The moves on the line have been re-scanned. Should this actually work out, it might be huge. We really only hope that the keepers don't need three hundred patches again until they're somewhat sane.

FIFA 22: Dribbling - Headers - Ball control

We will also be able to learn new skill moves in FIFA 22. Which of them will break the meta remains to be seen...

In general, there are new animations in terms of ball control. Nothing too surprising. We rather ask ourselves: Are the leaks true and are headers really much more effective than in the past years? Unfortunately, EA hasn't revealed too much yet.

FIFA 22 Gameplay On PS5 And Xbox Series X/S

Airton Silva shows us a compilation of new gameplay scenes on YouTube, that have been published by EA. Looks pretty awesome. The video shows FIFA 22 gameplay on PlayStation 5 - but it will look the same on Xbox Series X/S.

Unfortunately, we won't see HyperMotion on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Where can I get a PS5 by October ...?

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