FIFA 22: The Changes To Goal Celebrations Are Perfect For Bad Losers

FIFA 22 Celebrations
We can do without this trash, cheers. | © Reddit

You can show off some great goal celebrations in FIFA 22. But even better - you can ignore when your opponent does. And just with the push of a button. Thanks, EA! We'll show you how to do it here.

Goal celebrations and FUT - it's a delicate relationship to say the least. When we're up, we all love to flex, don't we? A good boastful celebration just to rub it in. But what about being on the other side of that? It gets annoying quickly. Thankfully, EA have found a good solution for FIFA 22. From now on, you can skip the opposing goal celebration with just one push of a button!

And before you can play that its 'all part of the fun' - let's not forget how toxic it became in FIFA 21. EA had to remove the 'Shhh' celebration because it got so bad. So there is a good explanation behind this change.

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FIFA 22: Celebration Camera Focus

If you want to blind yourself to opposing celebrations (who doesn't?), then you're in luck, you just need to make one simple change in the FIFA 22 settings. You can find this holy grail under the name 'celebration camera focus'.

Instead of the undeserved and horrific goal celebrations of the opponent, the game can show you the sad faces of your own players instead. Sure, drooping heads are dull as well, but whose going to give their opponent the satisfaction of a celebration?

Incidentally, the 'celebration camera focus' applies not only to FUT mode, but also to all the other modes in FIFA 22.

Perhaps the feature will even ensure that focus is shifted back to the actual game. But between the iconic Tshabalala dance and the 'Calma' gesture, we hope there will still always be a healthy amount of toxicicity. And let's be completely honest: who hasn't rubbed it under their opponents nose at least once?

The 'celebration camera focus' is one of our favorite features we've seen in 22 so far. It'll definitely save a few controllers this year...

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