FIFA 22 Facts: Official Gameplay Trailer is here!

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FIFA 21's life-span is basically over now that EURO 2020 and Copa America are done. EA, as well as we, are all focused on FIFA 22 now. Within this article, we will cover all confirmed FIFA 22 information as soon as it's, well, confirmed.

Welcome to our FIFA 22 tracker where we will add each official announcement EA makes as soon as they make it. Come around regularly to not miss out on any of the important action!

FIFA 22 Facts: All Official Info, Licenses, Leagues, Stadiums, Teams and Modes

FIFA 22 will be released worldwide on October 1, 2021, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PC (Origin and Steam), Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

FIFA 22 Facts: Official Gameplay Trailer is here!

On July 29th EA presented the first official gameplay trailer for FIFA 22. Of course the trailer didn't show pure gameplay, but that was to be expected. Most of it was repeated what we already knew from the HyperMotion articles. One thing we did notice, though: Kylian Mbappé will be absolutely overpowered again! His movement with the new sprint mechanic just looked sick. Imagine how good the bridge will be again.

Here you can go directly to the official FIFA 22 gameplay trailer.

FIFA 22 New Technology: HyperMotion

We hear about a new groundbreaking FIFA technology every other summer. For FIFA 22, EA's showpiece is called HyperMotion. What it does is allow for advanced 11 vs. 11 capturing through a proprietary machine learning technology. It would make the most noticeable difference on next-gen consoles and Google Stadia, where it will offer a much more realistic, responsive and fluid football game experience than we've been receiving in years prior.

The next-generation technology also enables motion capturing of entire teams - including all players on the pitch, for the first time, resulting in more realistic player movements in every in-game situation.

The new algorithm "learns" from more than 8.7 million frames of advanced capturing and writes new animations in real time. The result is more organic movements in a wide variety of on-field interactions. HyperMotion changes the way players move with and without the ball, whether shooting, passing, crossing or receiving the ball.

Sounds pretty outstanding to be honest. We've been let down by these "groundbreaking" innovations before, so there's always the possibility of that hapening again, yet by the sound of it, HyperMotion could be something that makes FIFA players, especially on next-gen consoles, happy for a change.

FIFA 22 HyperMotion
The new HyperMotion technology should enhance FIFA 22 experience. | © EA

Revamped Goalkeepers in FIFA 22

Goalkeepers should perform more consistently and with more personality between the posts thanks to the completely revamped goalkeeper system. Since all players should be redone thanks to HyperMotion, we expect goalkeepers to behave better than before in FIFA 22 too.

FIFA 22: New Career Mode Option

Career mode is still the most popular mode for casuals. For a long time, fans have demanded to be able to create their own club and lead it to glory. EA finally responded. Club creation is going to be a thing in FIFA 22 Career mode. Hooray!

FIFA 22: New VOLTA Mode

So far, we only know that EA will go for a completely different style with FIFA 22 VOLTA. Everyone is praying for an experience similar to FIFA Street. Fingers crossed! We also assume that the VOLTA gameplay will be subject to change.

FIFA 22: New FUT Cards - FUT Heroes

The brand new FUT Heroes cards will accompany Icons. It's a curious concept and it's always nice to add another concept to FUT cards. You can get one of the first nine FUT Heroes as a bonus if you pre-order the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition.

FIFA 22 Cover Star: Kylian Mbappé

Paris Saint-Germain superstar Kylian Mbappé is the FIFA cover star for the second year in a row. This makes him only the third player after Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to appear on the cover in back-to-back years.

It's fantastic to be on the cover twice in a row. I have a very special relationship with the game and I'm looking forward to enjoying FIFA 22 with all of you.

- Kylian Mbappé

FIFA 22 Leagues, Teams, Stadiums Licenses

With more than 17,000 players, over 700 teams, more than 90 stadiums and over 30 leagues, FIFA 22 offers the exclusive opportunity to play legendary competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, the new UEFA Europa Conference League, Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga Santander, Ligue 1, Serie A, CONMEBOL Libertadores, CONMEBOL Sudamericana, Liga MX, the MLS, and more.

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