FIFA 22 Leaks: All The New Gameplay Changes

FIFA 22 Official Cover Star Kylian Mbappé
Kylian Mbappé is the official FIFA 22 Cover Star! | © EA

FIFA 21 is slowly but surely coming to an end. We will take a look at the successor. FIFA 22 will be released in autumn - we summarize all information, rumors, platforms and details. The beta delivers some exciting leaks.

While a lot of things are uncertain these days, we can say with certainty: FIFA 22 is coming and will succeed the current series installment in the fall, which became the best-selling game of the year in Europe. When will FIFA 22 be released? Is FIFA 22 coming for PS5 and Xbox Series X? How much does FIFA 22 cost? And what can we expect?

We will update this article regularly with new information, news, trailers & pictures as soon as they are available.

When is the FIFA 22 Release Date?

The FIFA 22 release should once again take place in autumn. FIFA 21 was released on October 06, 2020.

When will FIFA 22 be released
? We now have an answer to this question. 'FUTZone' reported on Twitter on Sunday (04.07.) that the official release of FIFA 22 is on September 24. Would be a Friday and sounds quite plausible. Already before the leak it was clear that the launch date will be around the end of September.

For which platforms will FIFA 22 be released?

It is certain that FIFA 22 will be released as a true next-gen version. We are curious about the performance on the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X|S. You'll also be able to play the new FIFA on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. On the other hand, a slimmed-down version for Nintendo Switch, as in previous years, is rather unlikely.

Who is the FIFA 22 Cover Star?

Kylian Mbappé is the FIFA 22 Cover Star! The French superstar graces the cover for the second year in a row. This is not really surprising, only Erling Haaland had an outside chance for the cover. Mbappé is the meta-player in FIFA and is loved and celebrated all over the world.

Alaba Real FIFA 22 Gameplay
The new FIFA 22 Gameplay looks good! | © EA

FIFA 22: This Will Happen For Sure

FIFA developer Electronic Arts did not take place at the big E3 again this year. Instead, the video game maker will hold its own press conference between E3 (June 12-15) and Gamescom (August 25-29), where it will provide us with fresh information about their games. EA Play will take place on July 22, 2021.

The first trailer for FIFA 22 will be shown there. However, new gameplay will probably only be seen a month before release. If it's anything like last year, the EA Game Changer (among others big FIFA-YouTuber) will be the first to show content from the new FIFA.

Furthermore, it is already known that Atalanta Bergamo, another team from Italy, will not be licensed in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Leaks & Rumors

There are new FIFA 22 leaks every day. According to rumors, FIFA 22 won't get a completely new engine, but will continue to run on the Frostbite Engine. However, it is said that version 3.0 will be updated to 4.0. Developer DICE could talk about this at the EA Play.

The first leaked documents, which contained info for FIFA 22, brought the realization that EA still sees FUT as the cornerstone of the FIFA series. However, there will probably also be changes to FIFA Ultimate Team.

FIFA 22 Ultimate Team Changes

  • Rewards in Weekend League are now regulated differently: you will now get certain players and the higher the rank, the better the player.
  • Weekend League will have less than 30 games from now on.
  • FUT Champs and Rivals will now have a so-called 'two-tier' system, for which you will have to qualify every week through the Weekend League. You will have 5 matches, and you will have to win 3 of them to qualify. Each week, you can participate 3 times in the qualification.
Halland FIFA 22 Gameplay
Erling Haaland in FIFA 22. | © EA

FIFA 22 Official Gameplay Changes

EA has officially confirmed the gameplay changes for FIFA 22. A total of 4,000 new animations have been added to the game. New features include Explosive Sprints, True Ball Physics, New Attacking Tactics and a complete overhaul of goalkeeper physics. All details about the gameplay changes are explained in this article:

FIFA 22: HyperMotion

FIFA 22 gets a brand new technology: HyperMotion. With HyperMotion FIFA will get a whole new gameplay feeling. The videos and screenshots look really promising, among other things there is also an Advanced 11 v. 11 Match Capture. EA has used complicated techniques and shots for it. HyperMotion will only be available for the Next-Gen, though. Here we have all the details:

FIFA 22 Beta Leak: First Gameplay Changes Known

The renowned Twitter FIFA leaker KingLangpard and several Reddit-posts give information about the FIFA 22 Beta.

North American testers have played FIFA 22 and noticed gameplay changes. In defense, pressing R3 allows you to switch between the next three players. These players have an arrow above their head and as soon as you flick the right stick in their direction, the player changes. However, you can still switch players by pressing R1.

Additionally, there was a nerf when summoning the second defender. If a defender is controlled and R1 is pressed, a green arrow appears above the head of the summoning player. This goes out after about 3-4 seconds, and at the same time, the player also stops his efforts to support your defender. So it sounds like the timing is much more difficult. The summoned player leaves his original position and thus tears gaps in the defense.

The crosses and headers are once again overpowered - though those who have played the demo in recent years, know that this can (and probably will) change by release.

In the meantime, the North American beta has been closed. But little by little, more and more leaks are trickling in.

FIFA 22: Pressing got nerfed, crosses and headers are new meta

The pressing of the second player has been nerfed. The R1 button in FIFA calls for a second player. In FIFA 22, this player is marked, but the pressing subsides after about three to four seconds. Crosses and headers were hardly usable in FIFA 21, but this is supposed to change now. Crosses and headers seem to become the meta in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Beta testers reveal even more changes

According to rumors, the directional nutmeg is going to be nerfed. It was quite broken in FIFA 21, because it brought a speed boost, which you couldn't defend properly. We welcome that!

Furthermore, there are new stats in the game. There are already pictures shown (and usable ones deleted again) on which you can see a heatmap. This map shows in which parts of the field the most action has taken place. There is also the statistic "expected goals". This should show which player has created more big chances.

The tactics options may also have been revised. In a tweet from @ChampVG (244,000 followers), it is made clear that settings such as "depth" or "players in the penalty area" are no longer defined with bars, but values from 1-100. Remains to be seen what effect it will have, but it sounds like more leeway for tactical foxes.

On top of that, new formations should be selectable in FIFA 22. Especially for FUT players, this is interesting. Three new variants are to be added. 5-4-1 (diamond) and 5-2-3 are to be implemented, as well as the exciting 3-5-1-1 formation.

FIFA 22: EA Job Ad Announces Online Career Mode.

EA is looking for an online software engineer in a job ad. The job description talks about an "online career mode."

It is questionable if we will see a multiplayer career mode in FIFA 22 already. Nothing about that in the ad, so it could be a future feature which we can look forward to in FIFA 23 (or even later).

An online career mode sounds very exciting at least. Fans are already speculating on social media what this new mode could look like. Playing co-op sessions with friends in career mode sounds pretty nice to us.

FIFA Online 4 Leaks - Are These Three New Icons Coming to FIFA 22?

Since 2018 FIFA Online 4 is available as FIFA offshoot for the Asian market. First hints and screenshots about three new icons for FIFA 22 already appeared. EA... the internet never sleeps, come on.

Defender Lucio, keeper Iker Casillas and midfielder Wesley Sneijder could come as icons in the upcoming FIFA. John Terry was also among the possible upcoming legends. We are curious!

Icon Leaks
Are Lucio, Casillas and Sneijder coming as icons? | © EA Sports

FIFA 22 Editions, Bonuses & Prices

FIFA 22 will probably be released in three editions again, which will differ in the offered content: The FIFA 22 Standard Edition, the FIFA 22 Champions Edition and the FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition.

FIFA 22 Edition
FIFA 22 Standard Edition60-70 EuroNone
FIFA 22 Champions Edition80-90 EuroFUT packs (rare gold), loan players, 3 days Early Access
FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition90-100 Euromore FUT packs, special FUT items, 3 days Early Access

FIFA 22 Standard Edition

The FIFA 22 Standard Edition will probably have a price of about 60-70 Euro and will not contain any special bonuses.

FIFA 22 No Champions Edition?

Like FIFA 21 the Champions Edition will cost about 80-90 Euro. As bonuses, additional FUT packs for the FIFA Ultimate Team mode (rare gold packs), loan cards and a 3-day Early Access are considered as probable.

The latest Leaks now revealed that there may not be a Champions Edition for FIFA 22...

FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition

The FIFA 22 Ultimate Edition is the biggest package and costs 90-100 Euros. In contrast to the Champions Edition, you will find more FUT packs, special edition FUT kits and stadium items, talents for the career mode and many more in game contents. Again, you'll probably get to start the game three days early.

FIFA 22 EA Play Launch

Subscribers to the EA Play service, like every year, will probably be allowed to get a taste of the new thrill with a trial version quite a while before the release. We assume that the trial version of FIFA 22 will let you try out the game for a total of 10 hours. The version will probably be released 1-2 weeks before the release.

FIFA 22: Champions & Europa League Still Exclusive

EA Sports extended the exclusive rights with UEFA. The UEFA Champions League, the Europa League and the Super Cup will be exclusively playable in FIFA 22 again this year.

You can probably expect a fully licensed game mode again, which will hardly be distinguishable from a real soccer broadcast thanks to next-gen technology.

FIFA 22 Cover-Star

Who graces the packaging of FIFA 22? Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi probably won't get the honors again. We strongly assume that - like in FIFA 21 - the French striker Kylian Mbappé will be the FIFA 22 cover star.

But we also have other players in mind here:

FIFA 22 Trailer & Screenshots

There will be an official Trailer for FIFA 22 on Sunday, July 11th. Here is the link to the YouTube-Stream:

More information will probably come in July 2021, when the publisher will hold the EA Play event.

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