FIFA 22 Liverpool Ratings: How Strong Will Mo Salah and Co. Be?

FIFA 22 Rating Liverpool
What can we expect from the Reds? | © EA Sports/EarlyGame

Next one, please! Our FIFA 22 Rating Predictions continue! Today, we take a closer look at the famous Anfield Road. As always, we ask: Who will improve? Who is getting worse? Here you can see the ratings of Liverpool FC in FIFA 22.

Salah, Mané, Firmino. The fans of Liverpool FC have been able to watch a heavy offensive-trio the last couple of years. With UEFA Player of the year Virgil van Dijk, the defensive end of Kloppo's team was overwhelming. And maybe you noticed it: That wasn't quite the case last season, despite a lucky 3rd place in the league.

Injuries, fluctuations in performance, but also a lot of bad luck threw the Reds off. Or, as Jürgen Klopp himself likes to say: The wind was quite heavy. The Champions League title 2019 and the championship 2020 were followed by a season without a title. How does this affect the ratings of the players?

Salah, Mane, Van Dijk - Which Ratings Do We Expect for FIFA 22?

As always, we don't judge the ratings from gut instinct. The past FIFA parts, but also the games of the clubs, allow us to estimate pretty precisely what rating the players will get.

We show you their current overall strength (OVR) and the possible new ones. In addition, we explain why we believe players improve, worsen or stay the same. Let's go!

Virgil van Dijk Rating FIFA 22

Virgil van Dijk | Rating FIFA 21: 90 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 90 OVR

Virgil van Dijk had to be substituted on the 5th match day due to an injury. Diagnosis: Cruciate ligament tear - the end of the season for the defender. With this shocker, the performance of the Reds has gradually become weaker - of course, he is the team's absolute defense chief.

So, how does it affect the rating? Not at all! The defensive instability of the team showed us his importance. Nevertheless, it is not enough for an upgrade because he simply played too little. Accordingly, we rate the Dutchman at a 90 rating.

Alisson Rating in FIFA 22

Alisson | Rating FIFA 21: 90 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 89 OVR

Every high is followed by a low. If that applies to any one of them, it's Liverpool's number 1. Last season was not his best, mistakes in top games against Manchester City (1:4) on matchday 23 or against Leicester City (1:3) on matchday 24 showed his performance drop in the season.

His season was disturbed by injuries too. Unlucky. All in all, we therefore assume that Alisson will get a downgrade in FIFA 22. An 89 will be on his card at the end. Still playable.

Mohamed Salah Rating FIFA 22

Mohamed Salah | Rating FIFA 21: 90 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 91 OVR

Mo Salah is still convincing at Liverpool, also in the past season. Last season, he reached almost 4,200 minutes of playtime. His scorer points also speak volumes: 22 goals in the Premier League, six in the Champions League. His market value is a whopping 100 million euros. What a player. All in all, he will get a 91 OVR - a deserved upgrade.

Mo salah
Beware of him: Mohamed Salah. | © EA Sports

Sadio Mané Rating FIFA 22

Sadio Mané | Rating FIFA 21: 90 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 90 OVR

The winger had a total of 3,700 minutes. He celebrated 11 Premier League goals and 9 assists. All in all, a solid season with many unfortunate moments in front of the goal. It lacked the extraordinary moments and accomplishments to give the Senegalese an upgrade. In FIFA 22, he will still be more than playable. Result: 90 OVR.

Trent Alexander Arnold Rating FIFA 22

Trent Alexander Arnold | Rating FIFA 21: 87 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 86 OVR

The many goals conceded by Kloppo's team last season were surprising. You have to make the full-backs responsible for that. Arnold has played a total of 3,800 minutes, but seemed insecure, the long Corona season was noticeable.

He missed the Euro's because of an injury. Too little for a player in his class. A downgrade to 86 is the end result.

Fabinho Rating FIFA 22

Fabinho | Rating FIFA 21: 87 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 85 OVR

He often had to help out in central defense, which is not his usual position. Many goals by the opposing team were the result. Despite many minutes of playtime, the performance was too weak and results in an 85 rating.

Andrew Robertson Rating FIFA 22

Andrew Robertson | Rating FIFA 21: 87 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 86 OVR

The engine on the Reds' left is similar to Arnold. Played a lot, often without rewards or with too many conceded goals. The summer break is good for him to come back stronger. In FIFA, usually the highest rated LB of the Premier League, but unfortunately, with a low pace. Therefor, downgrade to 86.

Roberto Firmino Rating FIFA 22

Roberto Firmino | Rating FIFA 21: 87 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 86 OVR

The bad luck in defense was also evident in the attacking game. No goals for Firmino in the CL, only 9 in the Premier League, but 7 assists. Of course, there were also bright spots: The winning goal to make it 2-1 at Anfield against Tottenham was a goose bump on the 13th match day.

His 5 star skills are such a treat in FIFA. Probably not, his rating: Downgrade to 86. Sorry, Bobby.

Jordan Henderson Rating FIFA 22

Jordan Henderson | Rating FIFA 21: 86 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 86 OVR

We don't have to talk long about Henderson. He holds the team together. Whenever he came in at the EM, he always delivered. Few downs in his game, but also few ups. Rating: 86.

Thiago Rating FIFA 22

Thiago | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 84 OVR

It hurts to give this gifted footballer a downgrade. But what else can we do? Enrique had no use for him at the European Championships, if at all, he only got short appearances. The Spaniard was often injured at Liverpool.

We really hope that things go his way next season. What does that mean for FIFA? Unfortunately, only an 84 rating.

Joe Gomez Rating FIFA 22

Joe Gomez | Rating FIFA 21: 83 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 80 OVR

Absolute OP card for the beginning of FIFA. And despite the downgrade to 80 due to injuries and fluctuating performance, he will be in many starter teams in FIFA 22 ... I'm happy.

Joel Matip Rating FIFA 22

Joel Matip | Rating FIFA 21: 83 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 80 OVR

Same here. Just not an OP card in FIFA. Matip was allowed to show what he can do in the stadiums for almost 850 minutes, but he didn't deliver. Unfortunately too old for career mode, unlike Gomez. We give him an 80 rating. It's a tough world...

Diogo Jota Rating FIFA 22

Diogo Jota | Rating FIFA 21: 80 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 83 OVR

He deserves the upgrade. 9 league goals despite being out for several weeks due to injury. The Portuguese also impressed in the CL with 4 goals. He was THE newcomer of the season. When he was missing, the Reds' offensive eased. We say: keep it up, Diogo! Oh, and we're giving him an upgrade by +3 to an 83.

Ibrahima Konaté

Ibrahima Konaté | Rating FIFA 21: 78 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 80 OVR

Liverpool has paid more than 40 million for the french. But actually he's absolutely the right man for the Reds. Why? Last season showed that Liverpool have huge problems in their defense.

Konaté played a great season with Leipzig, he has pace, technique - actually everything a good CB needs. That means an Upgrade for him in FIFA 22.

Curtis Jones Rating FIFA 22

Curtis Jones | Rating FIFA 21: 64 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 73 OVR

I had to look twice at his FIFA 21 rating. With the fast development that the boy goes through, his card should quickly turn from bronze to gold.

Also, a great player to negotiate a transfer with in career mode. At 20 years of age, he has huge potential. His market value is estimated at 30 million euros. Rating in FIFA 22: 73.

RWMohamed Salah91 (+1)
CBVirgil van Dijk90 (=0)
LWSadio Mané90 (=0)
GKAlisson89 (-1)
RBTrent Alexander Arnold
86 (-1)
LBAndrew Robertson
86 (-1)
CDMJordan Henderson
86 (=0)
CFRoberto Firmino
86 (-1)
CDMFabinho85 (-2)
CMThiago84 (-1)
CAMDiogo Jota
83 (+3)
CBJoe Gomez
80 (-3)
CBJoel Matip80 (-3)
CBIbrahima Konaté
80 (+2)
CAMCurtis Jones
73 (+9)

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