FIFA 22 Ratings: Manchester City

Manchester City FIFA 22 Ratings
How good will the Manchester City players be? © EA Sports/ EarlyGame

FIFA 22 will be released on October 1st and the Manchester City ratings were officially revealed. Can the Premier League Champion reach for the Champions League trophy? What ratings do Kevin De Bruyne, Ederson and Phil Foden get? Let's find out!

Well, the billions that were pumped into the Club were almost worth it. Manchester City reached the Champions League final for the first time in the club's history last season. With Chelsea, they had an opponent who was on the rise recently.

FIFA 22 Ratings: How good will Manchester City be in FIFA 22?

Pep's Masterclass has done it again! Even if Chelsea plays great football under Tuchel, the final was lost tactically. That doesn't mean much for FIFA 22, City still has one of the sickest teams ever. Every position is filled twice, nationally and internationally: they are one of the top favorites by far.

With the transfer of Jack Grealish, Guardiola is further upgrading his fortress to fulfill his eternal dream of the first CL triumph since 2011. The City Sheikh paid about 117 millions for the new signing. Is her worth it? We don't know. Is Financial Fairplay worth anything? Nope.

So, what are we waiting for now? We'll show you what you can expect from Manchester City in FIFA 22. Brace yourself, this team is crazy!

Manchester City Ratings in FIFA 22

Kevin De Bruyne Rating FIFA 22

Kevin De Bruyne | Rating FIFA 21: 91 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 91 OVR

The Belgian was unable to build on his performances from the 2019/20 season (33 points scorer in 35 league games), but was absent for a long time due to injury, especially in the important second half of the season. In the Champions League final, he was knocked out by Rüdiger in the 60th minute and had to leave the field with several broken bones in his face. Well, still one of the best midfielders of our time.

Ederson Rating FIFA 22

Ederson | Rating FIFA 21: 88 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 89 OVR

Life insurance for Manchester City when things don't go well. With 19 games without conceding a goal and a total of only 28 goals conceded in 36 games, Ederson is once again one of the best goalkeepers in the world after a weak 2019/20 season. The Brazilian really deserved his upgrade!

Raheem Sterling Rating FIFA 22

Raheem Sterling | Rating FIFA 21: 88 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 88 OVR

One of the most tragic heroes of the past few years. Last season, he was once again one of the top performers on the way to the title, at the European Championship, he single-handedly shot England out of the group stage – internationally, however, Sterling remains without a title.

No changes for the Englishman in FIFA 22. With a strong 88, the winger remains one of the strongest players in the game.

Bernardo Silva Rating FIFA 22

Bernardo Silva | Rating FIFA 21: 87 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 86 OVR

If Bernardo Silva's suddenly the middle striker, it is not the ultimate team, but Pep’s master class. The Portuguese has played in pretty much every attacking position at Manchester City, but the central midfield is definitely his home. With Jack Grealish, Silva now had expensive competition. Rumors of a transfer are in the air. Nevertheless, Silva has been an institution at City for years.

For the Portuguese, the rating goes down one point. Even if he can be used flexibly, his form suffered last season.

Aymeric Laporte Rating FIFA 22

Aymeric Laporte | Rating FIFA 21: 87 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 86 OVR

A season to forget for Laporte. Guardiola largely dispensed with the Spaniard, but with Rúben Dias and John Stones, he also has strong competition in his position. He was not used in the important games, but at the European Championship, he played every game over full length. Overall, there is a small downgrade.

Rodri Rating FIFA 22

Rodri | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 86 OVR

While we talk about Pep’s Masterclass ... Rodri was searched in vain in the starting XI in the CL final. A machine like the Spaniard could have made the difference in midfield. Since his move, Rodri has become an integral part of City's headquarters, unfortunately not used enough at the European Championships.

With his 86 rating, Rodri is one of the better midfielders in FIFA. Well deserved upgrade for the Spaniard!

Manchester City FIFA 22 Ratings
Which club can beat this squad? | © EA Twitter

Kyle Walker Rating FIFA 22

Kyle Walker | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 85 OVR

The competition is real on the right-back position! Walker, Cancelo, Walker, Cancelo - any player can replace anyone. Definitely a quality mark for Manchester City. On the international stage, however, the Englishman prevailed permanently, but could not change anything about the defeat in the CL final. Unfortunately, he was absent from the European Championships due to a COVID infection. The 31-year-old holds his 85 rating.

Riyad Mahrez Rating FIFA 22

Riyad Mahrez | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 86 OVR

What a moment that was. Extra time in the CL final, Mahrez gets the ball after a corner in the last minute - and it sails just over the crossbar. Otherwise, he couldn't keep up his stats from the previous year, but didn't play any worse. He decided the CL semifinals almost single-handedly.

EA gives the Algerian an upgrade to 86. City drowns in overly strong offensive players.

Ilkay Gündogan Rating FIFA 22

Ilkay Gündogan | Rating FIFA 21: 83 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 85 OVR

At the turn of the year, he developed into a scorer - 12 goals in 12 games. The German played an excellent season and contributed a lot to winning the title in England. Unfortunately, his appearance in the CL final was the crux of the matter. All alone in the central midfield, Gündogan was lost. But that was more due to the line-up than to the player himself.

His importance for City is also reflected in his rating. The German is at a strong 85, which he has honestly earned.

Rúben Dias Rating FIFA 22

Rúben Dias | Ratings FIFA 21: 81 OVR | Ratings FIFA 22: 87 OVR

Another defender for Guardiola? City is so strong with two players in every position, and there's no difference in central defense. At the beginning, he was seen as too expensive, but he was celebrated after two weeks at the latest. Dias scored immediately and took command of Manchester's defensive line. Deservedly voted Player of the Season – and that in his debut season!

Dias gets an insane upgrade for FIFA 22! The Portuguese goes six points up! Can he confirm his performance from last season and become one of the best defenders in the world again? We are looking forward to it.

Here are some more predictions for FIFA 22!

Gabriel Jesus Rating FIFA 22

Gabriel Jesus | Rating FIFA 21: 83 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 83 OVR

Is he coming? Jesus will probably ask himself this question many times these days. His future at City depends heavily on a possible move from Harry Kane, as Aguero's departure would make him the undisputed number 9. Although the footsteps are big, Jesus has developed very well in Manchester. The Brazilian keeps on fighting in Guardiola's system – but there will be no upgrade.

Joao Cancelo Rating FIFA 22

Joao Cancelo | Rating FIFA 21: 83 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 86 OVR

This guy fights on all fronts – on the right, he competes with Kyle Walker, on the left with Mendy and Zinchenko. Nevertheless, the Portuguese makes it into the starting XI constantly and shows great performances. He did not play in the decisive CL games, and he was absent from the EM because of a COVID infection.

Cancelo takes a big leap forward in FIFA 22. 86 is a sick rating for the compact Portuguese.

Fernandinho Rating FIFA 22

Fernandinho | Rating FIFA 21: 84 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 83 OVR

The captain of the Cityzens was rarely found in the decisive games. Guardiola doesn't put his trust into the Brazilian. Despite his 36 years of age, he is still rightly part of the English champions' squad, whether the contract will be extended remains to be seen, though. At the moment, there are simply stronger players at City.

Ferran Torres Rating FIFA 22

Ferran Torres | Rating FIFA 21: 81 OVR | Rating FIFA 22: 82 OVR

Strong debut season for the Spanish wing. Despite his young age, Torres was able to play his way into Manchester City. Guardiola relied on others in the important games, but his performance made you want more. That's why Torres is on a solid 82.

Jack Grealish Rating FIFA 22

Jack Grealish | Rating FIFA 21: 80 | Rating FIFA 22: 84

117 million. He first has to prove whether he's worth it. At Aston Villa, however, he has long been one of the top performers, and the 25-year-old was already able to make a difference in the promotion season of the championship. He was hardly to be seen at the European Championships.

For Grealish, it's four points up. Sure, English and the Premier League – they always get pushed in FIFA.

Phil Foden Rating FIFA 22

Phil Foden | Rating FIFA 21: 79 | Rating FIFA 22: 84

This player is insane! The future captain of Manchester City was to be found in almost every position last season, 14 scorer points in 28 games are a strong statement for a 21-year-old. In career mode, the boy is one of the best you can get... but at a higher price from now on.

EA gives the Englishman an upgrade of five points! Not surprising in view of his achievements.

Oleksandr Zinchenko Rating FIFA 22

Oleksandr Zinchenko | Rating FIFA 21: 80 | Rating FIFA 22: 80

Fighting on the left side of the defense with Cancelo and Mendy for his regular place, holding up really well in City's squad. At the European Championships, he held the midfield of Ukraine together. A real fighter.

But EA thought: "Nope, we won't do it." The upgrades have already been wasted with the english players, why should he get an upgrade? Zinchenko gets stuck on a questionable 80.

John Stones Rating FIFA 22

John Stones | Rating FIFA 21: 80 | Rating FIFA 22: 83

At the European Championship one of the main reasons why England only conceded two goals. Stones is also becoming more and more important at City, and has huge competition with Dias and Laporte. Nevertheless, there is also a strong upgrade for the Englishman.

PositionPlayerRating Prediction
CAMKevin De Bruyne91 (=)


Ederson89 (+1)
LWRaheem Sterling88 (=)
RWBernardo Silva86 (-1)


Aymeric Laporte86 (-1)
CDMRodri86 (+1)
RBKyle Walker
85 (=)
RWRiyad Mahrez
86 (+1)
CMIlkay Gündogan
85 (+2)


Rúben Dias
87 (+6)
STGabriel Jesus
83 (+1)
RBJoao Cancelo
86 (+3)


Fernandinho83 (-1)

Ferran Torres

82 (+1)
CAMJack Grealish
84 (+4)
CAMPhil Foden
84 (+5)
CMOleksandr Zinchenko
80 (=)


John Stones
83 (+3)
CBNathan Aké78 (-1)
GKZack Steffen77 (+1)
GKScott Carson67 (-3)
RBLuke Bolton64 (=)

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