FIFA 22: Messi Creates Ultimate Forward Line with Neymar & Mbappe

FIFA 22 Messi neuer Verein Transfer Vertrag Rating PSG
PSG signs Messi | © EA Sports/PSG/EarlyGame

Lionel Messi will not extend his contract with FC Barcelona. Instead, the superstar will move to Paris Saint-Germain. We will show you Messi's FIFA Legacy and on top of that, his new club and the PSG-Lineup with Messi.

What an earthquake in the soccer world. We will not see Leo Messi in the Barca jersey in FIFA 22. Simply unbelievable. The contract wrangling has really dragged on for half an eternity. Among Barca fans, there are many speculations, about what will happen next for Messi.

Did the GOAT even want to extend his contract and is Barca now blaming the league for his departure? Or did the club and player really come to an agreement, but the salary reform prevented an extension? Does the club maybe just want to force the league to overturn the rule book again? All speculation. For now, we'll start with a few facts.

PSG signs Messi!

Messi in FIFA: An Overview Of His Ratings

Messi started his FIFA career as an 18-year-old talent with FC Barcelona. My, that was a long time ago. Back then, he wore the number 30 and was an up-and-coming player who showed potential, but even his earliest fans probably never imagined he'd have such a career. Here you can see all of Messi's overall ratings in FIFA.

FIFAOverall Rating
FIFA 0678
FIFA 0784
FIFA 0886
FIFA 0990
FIFA 1090
FIFA 1190
FIFA 1294
FIFA 1394
FIFA 1494
FIFA 1593

He was the single best player in the game only in FIFA 15 and FIFA 20. Otherwise, he shared this title with Cristiano Ronaldo.

Messi Transfer: The Next Club Of The Clubless GOAT

It's hard to believe that Leo Messi's contract ended on June 30th. For a short time he was considered to be without a club. The question arose: At which club do we find Messi in FIFA 22?

Well, now we have the answer! Lionel Messi moves to PSG - and takes the French capital club to a completely different level.

Messi PSG Transfer: The GOAT joins Paris

As it was officially announced today, Lionel Messi is moving to Paris Saint-Germain. But that doesn't just mean that the French capital's club will get just another superstar in real life ... PSG will also have an amazing squad in FIFA 22. We explain what the mega transfer means for FIFA 22 and show you two lineups in advance, with which you can dominate Ligue 1 and of course the Champions League!

As already announced in the FIFA 22 Top 100: Rating Prediction, we expect a small downgrade for the six-time world footballer. For Messi, it goes from 93 OVR to a still strong 92 OVR - he is still the second-strongest player behind Bayern striker Robert Lewandowski. At PSG, the Argentine takes the lead, of course, but completes a heavy offensive trio: Lionel Messi 92 OVR, Kylian Mbappé 91 OVR, Neymar Jr. 91 OVR. Where are the limits?! But anyone who thinks that the team will line up by itself is wrong. All players have their own strengths and play differently in each position. We will take your hand and give you two lineups for the new FIFA.

Messi at PSG: Ultimate Attacking-Style with Neymar and Mbappe

The wet dream of all football fans: Messi, Mbappé, Neymar - oh, just add Angel Di Maria too! Of course, only the French sheik's club can afford the salaries of these bomb players so easily. In addition, the dream of the Champions League should have become a little more realistic with Messi's signing...

FIFA 22 possible line up PSG
No comment. No words needed. | © Futbin

Messi at PSG: Career Mode in Real Life

As a matter of principle, there is no alternative to 'offensive' at PSG. If you just look at the transfers of the summer, the first team is just insane. So of course, if you play with PSG, you don't have to worry about any reinforcements. Even the second team can easily keep up in the league. Transfers? I am sorry, but is this some sort of peasant joke, that I'm too rich to understand?

FIFA 22 possible line up PSG 2
Just some guys dominating the game... | © Futbin

Whether you play with PSG or not, the team definitely has the strongest line-up in the game. With Messi in the PSG jersey, the club is not only the top favorite for the Champions League in FIFA 22.

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