FIFA 22 New Icons Prediction

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We have an idea for FIFA 22 Icons. | ©

FIFA 21 brought us twelve new Icons for FIFA Ultimate Team. FIFA 22 should also add a bunch of legends to the mix. We make our prediction for FIFA 22 Icons, but we keep it at 10, leaving the last two to EA. We're generous like that.

FIFA Icons are legends of the football game that don't actively play anymore and appear as special items in the newer FIFA releases. Who is going to make the FIFA 22 Icons list?

Before we get to the prediction, here are the 100 Icons within FIFA 21:

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All 100 FIFA 21 Icons. | © EA Sports

FIFA 22 Icons Prediction

Goalkeeper: Iker Casillas

San Iker ended his career in 2020, and it was too early for him to make the FIFA 21 cut, but he should make a return to the pitch this time.

Goalkeeper: Oliver Kahn

This is just a pipe dream that we wanted to include, but you should really disregard, because Der Titan and EA can't agree on the rights to his likeness.

Defender: Lucio

Kahn's former teammate Lucio has infinite better chances of becoming a FIFA 22 Icon. Similar to Casillas, he retired in 2020, so this is his first year of eligibility. We feel like he should be a first ballot Icon.

Defender: Franz Beckenbauer

Kaiser Franz is one of the absolute legends of the game and needs to be present in the Icons list at all times.

Midfielder: Wesley Sneijder

Some are still arguing over Sneijder not winning the Ballon d'Or in 2010. His career completely fell off after that, but that one season with Inter elevates the Dutchman to Icon status.

Midfielder: Francesco Totti

The most loyal modern superstar needs FIFA recognition. Four years have passed since his retirement - way too long a period without having him in-game.

Midfielder: Zico

We have Pelé already. Now we need white Pelé to join the fray. One of the most technically gifted players as well as a freekick specialist. We can smell the damage he could do in FIFA!

Forward: Alfredo Di Stéfano

We suggested one modern Real Madrid star. Here's one of the classic Madridista legends! Di Stéfano was part of Real's golden age and amassed so many goals, we're itching to find the net with him in FIFA 22.

Forward: Wayne Rooney

We're not sure if Rooney won't be affected by the same thing Casillas and Lucio faced in 2020 - he retired this year. It may be too soon for the English all-time top scorer, but we still want him. Get it done, EA!

Forward: Adriano

A tale of wasted potential only makes us wish Adriano will be a FIFA 22 Icon that much more. Imagine the power, the strength, the finishing! Lord, have mercy!

These are our 10 choices. As a farewell gift, we will reveal that supposed leaks suggest that three of the names mentioned - Iker Casillas, Lucio and Wesley Snijder, will be among the new Icons. How about that as an article ending?!

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Original article by EarlyGame's Lukas Scherbaum.