FIFA 22: EA Cancels Free Next-Gen-Upgrade

FIFA 22 No Next-Gen-Console-Upgrade
EA makes us angry even before the game is out | © EA Sports / Xbox / PlayStation / EarlyGame

If you don't have an Xbox Series X/S or a PlayStation 5 yet, you have the following problem: FIFA 22 won't have a free next-gen upgrade. So you'll have to buy the Standard Edition twice. WTF, EA?

FIFA 22 will be released on October 1st. If you don't have a new console yet and still play on PlayStation 4 or Xbox One, you'll face one big difficulty : There are two FIFA 22 Standard Editions. So make sure you buy the right edition, because EA is probably done with free upgrades.

WTF EA... no seriously: WHAT IS WRONG WITH YOU? How cheeky do you want to get? Not only have you been taking more and more money out of our pockets for Ultimate Team for years, but now you're cutting out the free upgrade that is provided for pretty much every game from every publisher...?

FIFA 22: No Free Next-Gen-Upgrade

We first thought: Okay, okay, the next-gen consoles can't implement the HyperMotion Technology as well as the current-gen versions. That's okay, a simple upgrade is certainly not easy to implement.

Turns out: Yes, it is. If you buy the Ultimate Edition, you get the upgrade easily. We are a bit speechless at how shameless EA has become.

To make it clear: If you buy the $69.99 edition, you'll only have it for PS4 and Xbox One, and would then have to spend another $79.99 (in the case of a console upgrade) for a Next-Gen version. Easy.

However, you can just buy the Ultimate Edition for $99.99 and then an upgrade costs you nothing. Really nice, EA.

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FIFA 22: Why Is There No Free Console Upgrade?

Why EA is doing this is easy to answer in one word: money. And EA is making more and more each year, especially with FUT.

So we assume that the plan behind the whole action is to get more people to buy the Ultimate Edition. If you own the Ultimate Edition, you basically can't avoid FUT, because you paid extra, and you want to spend your FIFA Points and redeem your FUT cards.

Just disappointing. Just no class. Just a shame. We are disappointed and will probably have to spend extra money. EA better gives us a couple cool new features and does not simply bring out another update for FIFA that we can buy as a full price title.

We are disappointed, and the game is not even out yet, but ok. This shouldn't bring down our mood just yet. Hopefully, FIFA 22 will at least look 10x better on the new consoles.

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