Everything New In Pro Clubs: What's Changing In FIFA 22?

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs Änderungen Neuerungen News Change Skill Points
There are some nice innovations for each club in FIFA 22. | © EA Sports

The ever-popular Pro Clubs mode is getting some great new features in FIFA 22. EA also revised some customization options. Here is a quick guide for you on the most important changes coming to Pro Clubs.

If Pro Clubs doesn't tell you anything, I'll summarize the most important details for you. Pro Clubs is the mode in which you can create your own Pro and then play online with your buddies (or strangers). Depending on the selected position, you will then only steer your Pro across the lawn.

Pro Clubs in FIFA 22

Pro Clubs is easily one of the best modes that ever came to FIFA, so let's get the obvious out the way: yes, it will also be in FIFA 22. When it comes to team play, nothing beats Pro Clubs. Here are the official changes for Pro Clubs. We'll show you everything you need to know about the fun multiplayer mode in FIFA 22.

FIFA 22 Pro Clubs: The Most Important Changes

Let's start with the women. Thanks to a glitch, we were able to play as female pros in FIFA 21, now they're officially in the game. But there are no big differences to the male pros.

The perks, though, are more interesting. In addition to the skill tree, you now have other options to make your pro stronger. You can activate up to three perks at the same time. As an example, EA showed us an assist perk in which your pass values ​​are boosted in the next 15 in-game minutes after successful submission. We are curious to see how this will work out.

We're disappointed with the jersey settings. There is a new option to colorize shirt numbers and names. However, we would have been more pleased about new patterns.

We also have new options for lawn patterns and fan charts, so you'll never walk alone. These changes don't really blow us away though.

New Levelling System In FIFA Pro Clubs

The skill points are retained. However, a new level system ensures that you can improve your Pro even more effectively. But, how exactly this works is not yet known.

The new player search is useful, and we like this feature a lot. This should make it easy to find a game. However, it's questionable whether gambling with strangers will pay off. We know the players who absolutely never stay in their position and constantly dribble too much.

The changes make sense, and it's great to see a fan-favorite (but less obviously monetizable) game mode get some love.

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