FIFA 22 Ratings: How strong will Juventus be without Ronaldo?

Juventus Ratings FIFA 22
No Ronaldo, no party?

The new FIFA will be released on October 1st, and we are already speculating about ratings. In our new FIFA 22 Ratings series, we will gradually introduce you to the possible strengths of the top teams. Who is improving? Who is getting worse? Here you can see the Juventus Turin / Piemonte Calcio Ratings in FIFA 22.

Since FIFA 20, we weren't able to play with the biggest name in Italian football: Juventus Turin. After the partnership between EA and the Old Lady ended in 2019, we have known the football giant in FIFA for three years now as Piemonte Calcio. For the sake of simplicity, we stick to the correct club name.

FIFA 22: Juventus without Ronaldo – what now?

Cristiano Ronaldo - a name, a legacy. Even at the age of 36, the Portuguese superstar is the fixed point in Max Allegri's system at Juve. And in FIFA 22, CR7 is the face of the Juventus squad. Until now.

The move from Cristiano Ronaldo to Manchester United is settled. As romantic as the transfer is for the football world – for Juve it's horrible. Ronaldo returns to the club that made him a world star. While we are still sitting in front of the screen with wet eyes, the big question is... How is Juventus reacting to this shocker?

After missing the 10th championship in a row and another embarrassment in the Champions League, Juve has to cope with the next setback. The Portuguese was indispensable for Juventus. Who can fill the big gap at the Old lady? Can Alvaro Morata, Paulo Dybala and Federico Chiesa step out of the shadow of Ronaldo and help the club regain its old glory?

Morata, Dybala, and Chiellini – How does the prediction work?

Of course, there is no ultimate formula for predicting individual player ratings - otherwise, we wouldn't be sitting here. We'll try to summarize our experience from the countless FIFA games of the past and our insane football knowledge to make a prediction. Here we go!

Giorgio Chiellini Rating FIFA 22

Giorgio Chiellini | Rating FIFA 21: 87 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 87 OVR

Wow! His performance in the Euros was incredible. The veteran came back after an eternal break from injury and outdid himself at the European Championships. Even at 36 years of age, Chiellini can keep up with the world's best. He doesn't deserve an upgrade tho. Read here, why.

Paulo Dybala Rating FIFA 22

Paulo Dybala | Rating FIFA 21: 88 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 87 OVR

A poor season is behind the Argentine fan favorite. Dybala was out for several months due to an injury. He only played six times over the full length. As so often, he played no role in the national team. Not enough to keep the rating from the previous year.

Wojciech Szczesny Rating FIFA 22

Wojciech Szczesny | Rating FIFA 21: 87 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 87 OVR

A season with up's and down's for the Pole. In the shadow of Gianluigi Donnarumma, he was usually noticed by making mistakes, but also ensured important parades. The goalkeeper was certainly not to blame for the crash of the Italian record champions.

Matthijs De Ligt Rating FIFA 22

Matthijs De Ligt | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 86 OVR

In his first season, he failed, but now De Ligt has stabilized. The Dutch talent made hardly any mistakes and increasingly developed into a high performer. Therefore, it's a point up for him.

Leonardo Bonucci Rating FIFA 22

Leonardo Bonucci | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 85 OVR

His age does not influence the performance he brings. Along with Chiellini, Bonucci is one of the reasons why Juventus had one of the best defensive teams in Italy despite the weak season. At the European Championships, the 34-year-old also proved a valuable striker. Good for him.

Alex Sandro Rating FIFA 22

Alex Sandro | Rating FIFA 21: 85 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 84 OVR

Pure minimalism from the Brazilian defender. Juve could always rely on Alex Sandro, but top performances remained a rarity. Hence, a downgrade for the left-back.

Alvaro Morata Rating FIFA 22

Alvaro Morata | Rating FIFA 21: 82 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 83 OVR

If there was no offside in football, Morata would have snatched the golden shoe. At the Old Lady, the Spanish attacker was able to put himself in the limelight again and again alongside - or even in spite of - Ronaldo. 20 goals and 12 assists show his outstanding performances.

At the EM, he became a tragic hero when he missed the decisive penalty against Italy. There is one point up for Morata.

Cristiano Ronaldo FIFA
Can Ronaldo and Juventus beat teams like PSG? | © VGR

Federico Chiesa Rating FIFA 22

Federico Chiesa | Rating FIFA 21: 78 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 83 OVR

The future of Juventus is called Federico Chiesa. Juventus let a whopping 50 million flow for the 23-year-old, the right-winger paid it back with an impressive debut season (26 scorer points in 46 games). At the EM, he scored two outstanding goals against Austria and Belgium. A phenomenal rise - probably also in FIFA.

Moise Kean Rating FIFA 22

Moise Kean | Rating FIFA 21: 78 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 82 OVR

Just one day after the Ronaldo shocker, Juventus announced the return of young star Moise Kean. The Italian gained international experience at Everton and Paris Saint-Germain. In the French star ensemble, he showed himself from his better side and scored 17 goals in 40 games for PSG. In view of its short playing time, a blatant value. Definitely an investment in the future of Juventus!

With his potential, Kean is also suitable for your next career mode. But since he has just moved to Turin, you have to be patient because he won't be available for any transfer.

Arthur Rating FIFA 22

Arthur | Rating FIFA 21: 84 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 82 OVR

Ouch! He should have become the maestro in Pirlo's system, but disappointed the whole season. Miralem Pjanic, who went to Barcelona instead of Arthur, was badly missed.

Far too often, the midfield player has become invisible. In the end, there is a disastrous season that ends with a downgrade.

Juan Cuadrado Rating FIFA 22

Juan Cuadrado | Rating FIFA 21: 81 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 82 OVR

Next to Chiesa the strongest player in Juve's last season. He convinced with 11 Assists in Serie A. Whether as an RM or RB - the flexible Colombian was indispensable despite his age and prevented a worse season.

Adrien Rabiot Rating FIFA 22

Adrien Rabiot | Rating FIFA 21: 81 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 81 OVR

After a weak start to the season, the Frenchman improved more and more and was able to show off his strengths. Due to a lack of continuity, however, he is not already an absolute top player.

Danilo Rating FIFA 22

Danilo | Rating FIFA 21: 79 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 80 OVR

After his poor performance in previous years, Danilo showed his strengths this season. Right, left, central defense - the Brazilian knew how to convince in every defensive position. Even a trip to the central midfield was possible for him.

Aaron Ramsey Rating FIFA 22

Aaron Ramsey | Rating FIFA 21: 81 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 79 OVR

The last season showed: Ramsey isn't the right player for Juventus. The Welshman kept falling out due to muscular problems and was not even considered in the last games of the season. Such a weak season leads to a deserved downgrade.

Rodrigo Bentancur Rating FIFA 22

Rodrigo Bentancur | Rating FIFA 21: 79 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 78 OVR

While Bentancur was still relevant at Allegri and Sarri, Pirlo had different plans with him. The Uruguayan was hardly able to convince in the unfamiliar position and has to work his way up to his former form first.

Federico Bernardeschi Rating FIFA 22

Federico Bernardeschi | Rating FIFA 21: 80 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 78 OVR

Totally out of place. His nomination for the Italian EM squad was a surprise, his performance at the Old Lady was more than poor. Hopefully, Bernardeschi can go back to his earlier form. For now, there’s the downgrade.

Weston McKennie Rating FIFA 22

Weston McKennie | Rating FIFA 21: 75 OVR | Rating Prediction FIFA 22: 77 OVR

The newcomer from the Bundesliga was able to draw attention to himself in his premiere season and played an incredible 34 league games. The midfield all-rounder was convincing in every position, but also had a few unstable games. For the future, however, the American announced ambitions for a regular place.





Giorgio Chiellini

88 (+1)


Paulo Dybala

87 (-1)


Wojciech Szczesny

87 (0)


Mathijs De Ligt

86 (+1)


Leonardo Bonucci

85 (0)


Alex Sandro

84 (-1)


Alvaro Morata

83 (+1)


Federico Chiesa

83 (+5)

STMoise Kean82 (+4)



82 (-2)


Juan Cuadrado

82 (+1)


Adrien Rabiot

81 (0)



80 (+1)


Aaron Ramsey

79 (-2)


Rodrigo Bentancur

78 (-1)


Federico Bernardeschi

78 (-2)


Weston McKennie

77 (+2)

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